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Ness McLeod
A moment of happiness
Sun Aug 5, 2018 00:44

The first night in the Aladren dorm had been… interesting. Ness was keen to get down to breakfast and find Evelyn. Yesterday already felt like such a long time ago - since then, there had been the trauma of Evelyn going to Pecari, and everything that had happened to her since, plus the fact that last night had been… interesting. It felt like they had a lot of catching up to do, plus Ness couldn’t wait to see the person who seemed to so easily understand everything.

It turned out, that getting as far as the Cascade Hall wasn’t even necessary. Ness had got up early, a combination of not quite being in the right timezone any more, and a desire not to spend longer than the minimum possible in the Room of Labelling and Offence. Passing through the library, which was necessary when exiting the Aladren Common Room, meant passing by a familiar blonde head, currently bent over a book. Ness smiled, heading over, and feeling more reassured than ever (not that there had really been any doubt) that Evelyn was a great person.

“Library before breakfast? I still really don’t understand how you didn’t end up in Aladren - how we didn’t end up roommates,” the last past came out slightly rushed at the end. But other people knew now and it didn’t seem fair if Evelyn didn’t. “I saw the person you were with making some kind of slime explosion,” Ness pulled a face, a mixture of sympathy and disgust, “Hope none of it got on you. How was your night?”

OOC - deliberately left the comments about Aladren dorm vague enough to cover a multitude of possibilities. It being the ‘Room of Labelling and Offence’ can easily refer to Ness’ dislike for the gendering of their rooms if nothing in particular comes up, or could end up referring to something more if it does.

  • A moment of peace.Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 4 22:02
    All the excitement of new faces and new friends and new everything had left Evelyn rather...exhausted. At her first opportunity, she'd made her excuses and slipped away, disappearing to the one place ... more
    • A moment of happiness — Ness McLeod, Sun Aug 5 00:44
      • A moment between us.Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 5 01:01
        Evelyn was momentarily surprised to see her friend, and even more surprised to find that they were still friends. She hadn't had a chance to find out about Ness' feelings towards Pecari students and... more
        • In a big squishy chairNess, Tue Aug 7 18:38
          Ness beamed at Evelyn’s enthusiastic welcome, feeling warm and appreciated. The invitation to sit was eagerly and quickly taken up, and Ness flopped down in the big squishy chair appreciating just... more
          • In a big awesome libraryEvelyn Stones, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 19:54
            "I'd love cake! And breakfast! That sounds wonderful," Evelyn laughed. It was so easy to laugh with Ness, and she hoped this wasn't just a week one thing. "I did try to coordinate a bit, it's true,"... more
            • And a scary topic of conversationNess, Wed Aug 8 06:02
              “That sounds great,” Ness agreed with enthusiasm, when Evelyn talked about them all sitting together in class. Malakhi was probably okay, If Evelyn thought he was, but more than that, Ness just felt... more
              • The scariest.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 10:32
                Sitting as close as she was with Ness, everything that had been bothering Evelyn suddenly seemed so much less important. She felt silly for worrying about her parents when she was at Sonora and not... more
                • We rescue professionally Ness, Fri Aug 10 08:39
                  “Yeah, I bet she’s nice,” Ness nodded, when Evelyn suggested talking to Professor Carter, “I mean, that’s what they always tell us - if you have a problem, go to a teacher. I bet they’ve heard... more
                  • I probably need it.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 10 17:09
                    Evelyn was surprised by the wave of feelings that came with Ness' offer, and she blinked to hold it all back. She wasn't actually sure if she'd be welcome home. She'd probably be allowed home, but... more
                    • And then we party with drag queensNess, Sun Aug 12 02:58
                      It made Ness really sad to know that Evelyn missed the area around her home more than home itself. Ness knew, from what the McLeod family did, that there were some people with really, really crappy... more
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