In a big squishy chair
Tue Aug 7, 2018 18:38

Ness beamed at Evelyn’s enthusiastic welcome, feeling warm and appreciated. The invitation to sit was eagerly and quickly taken up, and Ness flopped down in the big squishy chair appreciating just about everything the situation involved; here was Evelyn, just the same as she had been last night, except with a new and improved shade of lipstick, and they were in the library (and who couldn’t be happy in a library?) and being all squished into the chair together made them feel special and close. It was the kind of chair where you whispered with your best friend. Ness had never had a best friend before, not one where it had felt like this - where they could tell each other everything, and just be comfy and cosy.

“Well, you can be an honorary Aladren. You’ve got the right lipstick colour. Another excellent choice, and I like the Sonora themed jewellery. And hey, house tables only count for the feast, so we can sit together for breakfast. And Kir brought cake cos it’s his girlfriend’s birthday. So, this could potentially be the best breakfast ever,” Ness grinned. Cake for breakfast, at wizarding school, with a best friend. Check, check, check.

She was a bit thrown by the fact that Evelyn was laughing over the slime, like it was funny rather than just gross. But maybe she was laughing at him for being an idiot.

“That’s… cool,” she said hesitantly, when Evelyn mentioned Malikhi wanting to play Quidditch too. It was good that other people wanted to play. They’d need that for a full team. The boy had been covered in slime though… And there was just something about Pecari boy plus slime and wanting to play that screamed a certain kind of idiot jock in her head. But it was wrong to judge people before getting to know them. And Evelyn seemed to like him, and Ness wanted to trust her judgement. “Yeah, I guess I’ll meet him soon,” she nodded, deciding to try giving Malakhi a chance to make a proper first impression. It was only fair. “Or Beater. I said Chaser or Beater,” Ness reminded Evelyn because it was important to be factually correct.

“I missed you too,” Ness smiled, reassured by the sentiment. “I’ll set Kir to spying on her straight away,” said with a smile and a laugh. Hat girl had actually removed her hat for the feast, and there had not been any freaky eye in the back of her head or concealed snake monster underneath but that didn’t seem any reason to stop pretending like it was a fun mystery.

“My night… Well, talking to Zevalyn was cool. She seems nice, and obviously she’s smart being an Aladren. Kir’s a good person, and he deserves cute, smart girls to think he’s awesome, so that’s good,” Ness began, the way the word ‘good’ came out sounded a bit wrong, or maybe it was that there was too much emphasis on the ‘that.’ Something had been good, something else had not been. “One of my roommates is this proper hoity toity Pureblood girl though,” Ness kept her voice low. Well, it had already been low because they needed to be using Respectful Library Voices, but she dropped it even further, afraid that Topaz might be passing by behind the bookshelves. It wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility, given how near they were to the Aladren Common Room. “She has this stuffed raccoon - like, not a soft toy, but an actual taxidermied real dead animal. I mean, that kind of thing is ok in like… museums and stuff, but who keeps one in their room? It’s horrible. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t want a dead animal in our bedroom! And-” Ness stopped abruptly, not wanting to hog the conversation. There was a heck of a lot more one could say about Topaz, and Ness sort of wanted to vent it all out to someone who would listen and care. But Evelyn probably had stories of her own.

“How was yours?”

OOC - summaries of Ness's evening checked with Zev and Topaz. The fact of being PB and the stuffed raccoon would definitely come up - the 'hoity toity' is Ness' opinion, and may be based on solid evidence or on very little.

  • A moment between us.Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 5 01:01
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    • In a big squishy chair — Ness, Tue Aug 7 18:38
      • In a big awesome libraryEvelyn Stones, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 19:54
        "I'd love cake! And breakfast! That sounds wonderful," Evelyn laughed. It was so easy to laugh with Ness, and she hoped this wasn't just a week one thing. "I did try to coordinate a bit, it's true,"... more
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