Evelyn Stones, Pecari
In a big awesome library
Tue Aug 7, 2018 19:54

"I'd love cake! And breakfast! That sounds wonderful," Evelyn laughed. It was so easy to laugh with Ness, and she hoped this wasn't just a week one thing.

"I did try to coordinate a bit, it's true," she admitted when Ness commented on her jewelry and lipstick. "Although I wasn't going for Aladren colors, I just like blue. Maybe it's a sign!"

Ness seemed hesitant and Evelyn felt like she was the center of a conspiracy. Malikhi had had a similar sort of expression when she'd talked about Ness, and she really couldn't understand it. Maybe they were both just shy.

"That'd be great! We're going to try to sit together in class, but I want to sit with you, too, so that'll be perfect! Two sides for my two friends. I hope you guys get on well."

Then the topic shifted to Quidditch and Evelyn blushed.

"I think I'm going to try out for Quidditch too," she said. "I'm a pretty good flier, but I haven't played much. I'd hate to miss the chance to play with you guys! I'll come watch either way though." She grinned and had the sudden urge to just put her head back and close her eyes and smile. It was so easy to smile now.

The idea of Ness' older brother following the girl with the big hat around was just a funny one, particularly if she wore the hat when he did it.

"I feel like I want a proper witch's hat so I can keep all my secrets in there," she laughed. "Then you and I can find a place to hide and we'll pull secrets from a hat to laugh about." It was way too close to a muggle magic trick and somehow the parallel just seemed hilarious to Evelyn, who snickered at the suggestion.

It turned to a grimace though when Ness started talking about roommate experiences. She noticed the way Ness' voice dropped and she felt like she was in on a big secret, practically whispering with her friend in the library. Although the topic wasn't really worth laughing over, and actually kind of gross, the feeling made Evelyn warm.

"That's... ugh. You don't have to be a vegetarian to not want dead animals in your room. That's awful. Plus she's going to have to get off her high horse if she thinks being pureblood is going to mean anything," she grumbled. "I'm... whatever I am. I'm sort of halfblood, and Malikhi's halfblood, and I think a lot of people are. That's so weird."

"Honestly, I was just exhausted when I got back to my room, I hardly remember talking to anybody." She thought of all the reasons she'd been exhausted and decided that Ness, being the lovely, responsible student she was, might not find it as funny that accidental magic and a wand in her mouth had caused such a mess. Perhaps it was best to keep that story to herself. However, she did have something that she thought Ness might be good to ask, however loath she was to ask anybody.

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about something sorta serious, is that okay? I don't really know what to do about... so like... what do you do if you know an adult that isn't very nice to you? And you kinda don't want to tell anybody, but you're worried people are going to find out?"

She frowned, feeling like her explanation was entirely lame.

"You know how nervous I am to be here, we did orientation together. I just...I don't wanna let my family down and I don't think they'll be very nice if I don't do well...."

Evelyn couldn't think of any other way to phrase this. She wasn't sure why she was trying to do it at all. It seemed so much easier to just not say anything. But she was more worried that she wouldn't be able to focus on her schoolwork or anything else if she didn't have anyone to talk to. Eventually, her father would write, and then she'd be a mess. She wanted someone to talk to about it and Ness was the sort of decisive person who might know.

  • In a big squishy chairNess, Tue Aug 7 18:38
    Ness beamed at Evelyn’s enthusiastic welcome, feeling warm and appreciated. The invitation to sit was eagerly and quickly taken up, and Ness flopped down in the big squishy chair appreciating just... more
    • In a big awesome library — Evelyn Stones, Pecari, Tue Aug 7 19:54
      • And a scary topic of conversationNess, Wed Aug 8 06:02
        “That sounds great,” Ness agreed with enthusiasm, when Evelyn talked about them all sitting together in class. Malakhi was probably okay, If Evelyn thought he was, but more than that, Ness just felt... more
        • The scariest.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 10:32
          Sitting as close as she was with Ness, everything that had been bothering Evelyn suddenly seemed so much less important. She felt silly for worrying about her parents when she was at Sonora and not... more
          • We rescue professionally Ness, Fri Aug 10 08:39
            “Yeah, I bet she’s nice,” Ness nodded, when Evelyn suggested talking to Professor Carter, “I mean, that’s what they always tell us - if you have a problem, go to a teacher. I bet they’ve heard... more
            • I probably need it.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 10 17:09
              Evelyn was surprised by the wave of feelings that came with Ness' offer, and she blinked to hold it all back. She wasn't actually sure if she'd be welcome home. She'd probably be allowed home, but... more
              • And then we party with drag queensNess, Sun Aug 12 02:58
                It made Ness really sad to know that Evelyn missed the area around her home more than home itself. Ness knew, from what the McLeod family did, that there were some people with really, really crappy... more
                • Well in that case!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 12 03:14
                  Evelyn wasn't sure how much she could get into lip synching herself, but watching drag queens at a disco something or other do it sounded amazing. And rooming with Ness for two weeks? She wondered a... more
                  • Consensual cuddle?Ness, Sun Aug 12 05:57
                    “I’ve never had a friend like you before,” Ness smiled, “Someone who likes that I’m odd and just… well, that really. Likes me for being me.” Evelyn seemed settled on coming to stay with them for the... more
                    • I should've asked!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 13 01:50
                      Evelyn frowned and tried not to tremble. She hated to think that her life was so different or unacceptable, and she hated to think what would happen to her little family if she told an adult. But she ... more
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