Evelyn Stones
The scariest.
Wed Aug 8, 2018 10:32

Sitting as close as she was with Ness, everything that had been bothering Evelyn suddenly seemed so much less important. She felt silly for worrying about her parents when she was at Sonora and not really close enough for them to do anything anymore. At least not for now. But she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that she wasn't supposed to think like that. At least Ness seemed understanding, if not a little perplexed. Or maybe that was concern. She supposed it made sense to be concerned.

"Honestly, I don't really know any adults," Evelyn admitted. "I guess I could talk to Professor Carter or something but that seems . . . awkward."

Evelyn frowned, feeling torn between regret and gratitude. It was an odd combination but at least it was a sincere one. She was worried to talk to Malikhi about this and didn't really have anyone else to talk to. Besides, Ness was a good friend and if Evelyn was feeling worried enough to talk about it, she couldn't think of anyone safer. Still, humor seemed better than gravitas and she changed her tone to something lighter.

"I'm pretty sure my dad won't let me come home if I don't develop some pretty awesome magic in the next couple
months." Evelyn forced a laugh and peered at her friend, trying not to look too concerned. Then she sighed, giving up on the effort.

Ness was good and kind and Evelyn knew she was being ridiculous. She'd brought this up because she was . . . afraid. She wanted to say something more adult, like 'I've had some concerns about the ethical treatment of children in the Stones household' but that just wasn't going to happen. She knew she wasn't concerned, she was afraid. It made her skin crawl to think of what might happen if she and Malikhi continued hanging out. What if they had a fight and he yelled at her? Would she be reminded of home and end the friendship? She doubted Malikhi would do that but the possibilities were endless.

"It's not a big deal probably," Evelyn murmured, speaking more quietly. "Sometimes my dad gets really mad. He's worried that I'm not going to have any magic. I haven't had any accidental magic since I was like . . . five years old. Sometimes he just gets . . . mad." She thought this was a rather lame way to end this statement but couldn't think of anything better.

Evelyn turned her neck to look Ness in the face more directly, wanting to see her friend's reaction to the news she wanted to share next. "You know . . . technically I'm pureblood. My mom's a muggle now but her dad's a wizard. Her whole family is magical. My dad didn't know that could impact my magic. I don't even know. He's alright to her but I don't think he likes me very much." She searched Ness' face. "Do you still want to be my friend? Being friends with a half-squib mess like me won't make you popular, especially with your new roommate."

Having said it all and gotten it all out, Evelyn felt exhausted. She didn't want to keep crying everyday and stifled that urge, but it was horrifying to know that she was about to be consoled or utterly rejected by the first person that mattered at Sonora.

"I'll understand if you don't want to be," she said. "But if you don't mind whether people think you're cool or not, I'd still really like to be your friend."

  • And a scary topic of conversationNess, Wed Aug 8 06:02
    “That sounds great,” Ness agreed with enthusiasm, when Evelyn talked about them all sitting together in class. Malakhi was probably okay, If Evelyn thought he was, but more than that, Ness just felt... more
    • The scariest. — Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 8 10:32
      • We rescue professionally Ness, Fri Aug 10 08:39
        “Yeah, I bet she’s nice,” Ness nodded, when Evelyn suggested talking to Professor Carter, “I mean, that’s what they always tell us - if you have a problem, go to a teacher. I bet they’ve heard... more
        • I probably need it.Evelyn Stones, Fri Aug 10 17:09
          Evelyn was surprised by the wave of feelings that came with Ness' offer, and she blinked to hold it all back. She wasn't actually sure if she'd be welcome home. She'd probably be allowed home, but... more
          • And then we party with drag queensNess, Sun Aug 12 02:58
            It made Ness really sad to know that Evelyn missed the area around her home more than home itself. Ness knew, from what the McLeod family did, that there were some people with really, really crappy... more
            • Well in that case!Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 12 03:14
              Evelyn wasn't sure how much she could get into lip synching herself, but watching drag queens at a disco something or other do it sounded amazing. And rooming with Ness for two weeks? She wondered a... more
              • Consensual cuddle?Ness, Sun Aug 12 05:57
                “I’ve never had a friend like you before,” Ness smiled, “Someone who likes that I’m odd and just… well, that really. Likes me for being me.” Evelyn seemed settled on coming to stay with them for the... more
                • I should've asked!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 13 01:50
                  Evelyn frowned and tried not to tremble. She hated to think that her life was so different or unacceptable, and she hated to think what would happen to her little family if she told an adult. But she ... more
                  • It's ok. It's all ok or better. Ness, Wed Aug 15 08:26
                    “That’s ok,” Ness assured Evelyn, when she retreated and apologised. Evelyn came from a house where people hit other people. Ness was going to go out on a limb and guess that bodily autonomy was not... more
                    • That makes me feel better.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 15 19:05
                      Relief fluttered in Evelyn's chest when Ness assured her that her sudden touch had been alright. She hadn't really thought about the fact that touching people without their permission wasn't really... more
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