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Vladimir Brockert
The colors of the wind
Mon Aug 13, 2018 17:04

Vlad was not the kind of student who was frequently found hanging around in the library. He was not the most studious of his year by any means, although he did certainly work hard to maintain decent grades, mostly in a quest to please his parents, both of whom were former Sonora employees. He succeeded in keeping around what Muggles would call Bs or Cs, although that was primarily due to the help of his sister, who was also smart. Otherwise he would’ve had to do more of the academic support stuff if he wanted to keep his grades high enough.

No, he liked the library not for its academic value but because it was just a nice environment. Vladimir was not necessarily a quiet person - on the contrary, he could be quite loud when excited, a state in which he frequently found himself - but the peacefulness of the place made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And he liked the librarian, too. Vlad thought that he was a fun man, and he made the library feel very accepting.

Today he was just sitting at a table not far from the librarian’s desk, not working on anything academic. In fact, he was coloring. His mom had given him a few of those cool adult-level coloring books for his birthday, and Vlad had been very excited to bring them back to school with him. They were a great stress reliever - not that Vlad was ever particularly stressed or even discouraged - so that was fun.

He happened to glance up from his work - in this case, a ferocious tiger which he was coloring green, the sneaky devil that he was - and noticed somebody walking not far from him. “Hey,” he said in just above a whisper. (It was a library, after all.) “Would you like to join me?”

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