It's ok. It's all ok or better.
Wed Aug 15, 2018 08:26

“That’s ok,” Ness assured Evelyn, when she retreated and apologised. Evelyn came from a house where people hit other people. Ness was going to go out on a limb and guess that bodily autonomy was not a big watch word for them. And Ness already knew that… average people, people who did not come from homes where actual bad stuff was happening, still didn’t often grow up being taught about that. Ness enjoyed physical closeness, and was a very huggy person. But it was sometimes hard to get people to understand that caring about having permission to touch each other and liking being touched weren’t mutually exclusive. People either tended to assume Ness was saying they needed to back off, or to make a joke out of it. At best, they were confused about why Ness asked when most people didn’t. But now Evelyn was talking about it properly, and that meant that world. “I don’t mind that you cuddled in. I would want you to do that when you’re sad,” Ness established, because the whole point of consent castles wasn’t that you had to ask something every single time, the point was that you understood what the rules were by talking them through, “I like hugs. And you can assume that I generally want them, and that I especially would want to give them to you if you are sad or hurt.”

Ness sort of felt wrong, finding any kind of happiness in such a messed up situation, but when Evelyn said she didn’t want to tell anyone except Ness (and an adult), it made the Aladren feel kind of special. It wasn’t a good secret to have to have, but if Evelyn was going to trust just one person to keep it, then it was very, very nice to be that person. So long as an adult got told too. That part was important, and was not a responsibility that Ness wanted.

“Of course,” Ness promised, about helping with the letters.

“It’s ok. I’m really glad you told me,” Ness assured Evelyn, when she worried that she had somehow marred Ness’ morning, “It’s important that we fix this.”

  • I should've asked!Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 13 01:50
    Evelyn frowned and tried not to tremble. She hated to think that her life was so different or unacceptable, and she hated to think what would happen to her little family if she told an adult. But she ... more
    • It's ok. It's all ok or better. — Ness, Wed Aug 15 08:26
      • That makes me feel better.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 15 19:05
        Relief fluttered in Evelyn's chest when Ness assured her that her sudden touch had been alright. She hadn't really thought about the fact that touching people without their permission wasn't really... more
        • PhewNess, Sat Aug 18 23:40
          Ness put an arm around Evelyn, wanting to comfort her now that the idea of a hug had been approved. And as Evelyn panicked, Ness’s arms wrapped tighter around her, and a hand stroked her back, and…... more
          • Much better.Evelyn Stones, Sun Aug 19 12:48
            The grown ups would work it out? Evelyn didn't have a lot of life experience to prove that grown ups could ever work anything out, but she didn't really have any experience to prove she could work it ... more
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