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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds
Getting a few
Sun Sep 2, 2018 18:44

Tarquin sat at his desk, a freshly made mug of green tea in front of him. It was not his usual tipple, as evidenced by the brown rings inside the mug, which were visible through the translucent liquid, but one did not lightly take a dim view of tea brought all the way from China, in person. It was rather pleasant, although he suspected some of that came from knowing he had made enough of an impression on a student for them to bring him such a gift.

He was going over some order forms, when an unfamiliar older stude- no, wait. Potions teacher. They had been introduced at the start of term and she had been sitting at the staff table for… well, most of the feast. Her rather noticeable hair along with her exit, and the fact that as he only had two new colleagues, he had no excuses for forgetting their faces, all helped him to place her. He knew that her name was Mary Brooding although he had to admit that he had not quite got out of the habit of referring to her in his head as New Sophie, the words still carrying a hint of regret about them. He missed Original Sophie, and whilst Mary Brooding was uncanny as a replacement in her lack of height (did Selina specifically seek out tiny women for her staff? And if so, was it to make the students feel less intimidated by the staff, or to make the staff feel more intimidated by her?) she was not his friend. They were also definitely getting younger every year, he could swear. He never thought of himself as that old until he was confronted with the rest of the staff, many of whom were young enough to be his children. He was fairly sure that they definitely saw him as that old though. His black hair, pulled back in a short ponytail, and his beard were both flecked with grey, and his face had more than a few lines to it.

“Hello,” he smiled, at New Sophie. She had unintentionally saved him a job by coming here. He had kept up a correspondence with Original Sophie, and had a tea date with her on his next day off. She had instructed him to spy thoroughly on her replacement and bring her a full report. He suspected this was only partially genuine curiosity, and was also a ruse to get him to be sociable with real actual people.

New Sophie’s question was interesting. His first remark was going to have been that there was a much better resource than any the library had, wandering around the corridors, but she already seemed aware of this. In fact, said person seemed to be why she was here. Tarquin regarded her curiously, wondering what - if anything - he should read into her remark. She was a new teacher. Young, enthusiastic. Apparently enough so that she wanted to learn a foreign language for one of her students. Except there were, to his knowledge, three or four for her to choose from.

He took a sip from his mug, placing it back on his desk, the quotation ‘With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy’ facing New Sophie.

“We have a few,” he nodded, “They’re rather spread out… language, history, cultural studies... Though Dorian himself is probably far better as a resource than anything we have. I take it it’s him we’re talking about, unless there’s a new first year I don’t know about?” he added. That made more sense. Dorian wasn’t even obviously Chinese - he sounded French. Culturally, he was more French than Chinese - or at least, his home was in Quebec. If New Sophie was looking for language and cultural references, it made much more sense that there was a new student who was feeling out of place, and homesick.

OOC - god-modding/ongoing friendship details approved by Original Sophie’s author

  • Any ideas? (Tarquin)Professor Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 01:18
    Mary felt a lightness in her step that she hadn't for a long time. It was still not the lightest she'd ever felt, heavy and gloomy as the Tabitha cloud as she was calling it now was making her feel.... more
    • Getting a few — Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Sep 2 18:44
      • Seems like we are mutually inspired then!Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 20:09
        Mary smiled at the man's mug, enjoying that someone who seemed initially so gruff might enjoy such things as books, green tea from the smell of it, and things like flowers and the moon. It was a... more
        • But not mutually skilled at peoplingTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Mon Sep 3 05:10
          Mary's explanation did a reasonable amount to quell the doubt that had been nagging at Tarquin's mind. A teacher wanting to make a particular effort to connect with a student had, to him, implied... more
          • Unskilled at Peopling reporting for duty.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 22:21
            "It's not my proudest tactic," Mary laughed, appreciating Tarquin's tension-breaking jokes. She really was a wreck amongst adults, particularly when she was supposed to be one of them. "But it's only ... more
            • Oh no. I thought you had the people skills.Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Sep 4 06:56
              “Oh, pretty sure there’s slogans and stuff about that being the point. ‘If you just get through to one of them then blah de blah,’” he twirled a hand vaguely, “Though I suspect the school board... more
              • All the people skills.Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 17:47
                Mary laughed, appreciating Tarquin's dry humor. He seemed like the kind of person who was only secretly invested in students and in Sonora and she doubted he expressed the thought openly very often.... more
                • Phew, glad somebody brought someTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Sep 15 21:26
                  “I don’t know… I think when I was an angsty teenager - a long, long time ago - I’d have given a lot to know that someone was on my side. That someone else had felt what I felt and that it would get... more
                  • One people or one skills?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 22:00
                    Tarquin's advice was kind and encouraging. It was clear that he cared about students and staff and she wondered just how much he saw behind that desk of his. He'd certainly have access to more... more
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