Mary Brooding
Seems like we are mutually inspired then!
Sun Sep 2, 2018 20:09 (XFF:

Mary smiled at the man's mug, enjoying that someone who seemed initially so gruff might enjoy such things as books, green tea from the smell of it, and things like flowers and the moon. It was a lovely image and Mary found herself instantly liking this man.

"Yes! That's indeed the student I have in mind." She hesitated in calling him 'Mr. Montoir' as she noticed that Tarquin did not. Was this not the convention for adults here? She felt bad, worrying that her way of showing respect to students (you have to call me by my title, so how about I call you by yours) might actually be an issue instead. She made a mental note to ask... the student... about it the next time she saw him.

"I have a selection of potions books in my classroom that are in Chinese and we've talked some about his family. I was hoping to be a bit more acquainted with the language and culture before our next conversation." Mary wondered at what an odd request this was considering Tarquin had no way of knowing she was the type to devote such effort to any student who might benefit from it. "It sounds like you know him well yourself? He's been helping me sort the books in my classroom, I'm guessing you helped him pick up those skills?" She smiled warmly, happy to have found someone who knew a bit more about Mr. Montoir than she did herself.

  • Getting a fewTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sun Sep 2 18:44
    Tarquin sat at his desk, a freshly made mug of green tea in front of him. It was not his usual tipple, as evidenced by the brown rings inside the mug, which were visible through the translucent... more
    • Seems like we are mutually inspired then! — Mary Brooding, Sun Sep 2 20:09
      • But not mutually skilled at peoplingTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Mon Sep 3 05:10
        Mary's explanation did a reasonable amount to quell the doubt that had been nagging at Tarquin's mind. A teacher wanting to make a particular effort to connect with a student had, to him, implied... more
        • Unskilled at Peopling reporting for duty.Mary Brooding, Mon Sep 3 22:21
          "It's not my proudest tactic," Mary laughed, appreciating Tarquin's tension-breaking jokes. She really was a wreck amongst adults, particularly when she was supposed to be one of them. "But it's only ... more
          • Oh no. I thought you had the people skills.Tarquin Fox-Reynolds, Tue Sep 4 06:56
            “Oh, pretty sure there’s slogans and stuff about that being the point. ‘If you just get through to one of them then blah de blah,’” he twirled a hand vaguely, “Though I suspect the school board... more
            • All the people skills.Mary Brooding, Tue Sep 4 17:47
              Mary laughed, appreciating Tarquin's dry humor. He seemed like the kind of person who was only secretly invested in students and in Sonora and she doubted he expressed the thought openly very often.... more
              • Phew, glad somebody brought someTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Sep 15 21:26
                “I don’t know… I think when I was an angsty teenager - a long, long time ago - I’d have given a lot to know that someone was on my side. That someone else had felt what I felt and that it would get... more
                • One people or one skills?Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 22:00
                  Tarquin's advice was kind and encouraging. It was clear that he cared about students and staff and she wondered just how much he saw behind that desk of his. He'd certainly have access to more... more
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