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Ness McLeod
Figurative and literal hand-holding as required
Sat Sep 8, 2018 01:00

Ness exited the Aladren Common Room and circled around the edge of the library, in order to walk up to Evelyn’s table as if coming from the main door to the room. In some ways, the first year didn’t feel like hiding the location of the Aladren Common Room from Evelyn, who felt like she belonged there anyway, but on the other, it was supposed to be a secret, and if Ness emerged from somewhere in the back of the library every time they were due to meet there, Evelyn was bound to start putting two and two together.

Admittedly, Evelyn probably had other things on her mind right now. It was Letter Writing Day, and Evelyn looked worried as Ness approached, and expressed a wish to disappear, which was not an encouraging sign.

“No, I can’t,” the first year informed her, with a wry smile, “Vanishment is actually a branch of Transfiguration because it’s to do, in a sense, with creating - or in this case uncreating. There are several charms which would help you to be more easily concealed, such as disillusionment, but I don’t think any of those things are actually going to solve your problem, and they’re all way too advanced for us to try,” Ness explained. Even though Evelyn was joking, and Ness knew that Evelyn was joking, it seemed interesting to the Aladren to think about the types of magic that Evelyn might have meant, and to share that knowledge. Sharing was caring, after all. And Ness was sort of joking too. Just… in a very Ness way, where the humour was better when it was based in fact, and easily missed or mistaken for a mini lecture.

“That’s ok,” Ness returned Evelyn’s tentative smile, “Figurative and literal hand-holding available as desired. So… what have you got so far?” Ness nodded at the papers in front of Evelyn, glad to see that she seemed to have something. Ness had pondered the problem, trying to work out what relevant knowledge or skills to bring to this activity, and had concluded that there weren’t many, besides moral support. It definitely seemed like something that the library would not have a book on, which was a shame. It was nice when you could look things up in books and have them make sense, but people very often didn’t work that way. Ness had mentally composed a list of the key points that it seemed important to convey because being prepped for any project was important, but it was reassuring to see Evelyn had some ideas too.

  • This sucks. Help me? (Tag: Ness)Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 5 23:57
    Evelyn had come prepared with several rolls of parchment, quills, and pots of ink. She hoped that being physically prepared would help ease her mental frustration at the task ahead of her. Since she... more
    • Figurative and literal hand-holding as required — Ness McLeod, Sat Sep 8 01:00
      • Can I have some of each?Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 01:19
        Evelyn sighed. As ready as she was for distractions from the task at hand, it was nice to find that Ness was still Ness. Evelyn was also genuinely fascinated by Ness' knowledge of magic, even if it... more
        • AbsolutelyNess, Sat Sep 8 22:16
          Evelyn liked Ness’ brains. Admired them. Ness’ brains were being admired and appreciated by another human being. A really cute human being. “Thank you,” the Aladren replied, clearly very touched. It... more
          • Thank you very muchEvelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 23:30
            Evelyn blushed, both at a compliment that must've been sincere for Ness to say it at all, and at something she couldn't identify in Ness' tone. She wasn't sure why it made her stomach feel like it... more
            • You're always welcomeNess, Sun Sep 9 01:33
              "Yes," Ness assured Evelyn gently as the Pecari leant on the Aladren. "Is this?" Ness checked, wrapping one arm around Evelyn and gently stroking her hair with the other hand. Ness was pretty sure... more
              • I don't know what to think.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 13:32
                Evelyn wasn't sure if what Ness was doing was okay. She was pretty sure it was comforting and she appreciated the kindness the Aladren was showing. At the same time, she wasn't really used to so much ... more
                • Think good things thenNess, Tue Sep 11 23:11
                  People with low self-esteem were definitely a thing Ness had encountered before. The kinds of people who ended up running away from home usually had someone to run from, and that could leave its... more
                  • I don't know if chaos is a good thing.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 16 15:13
                    Evelyn laughed, surprised, when Ness swore. It was something she hadn't expected from the usually well-mannered Aladren, and she grinned at her friend for a moment. Then her thoughts went back to... more
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