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Evelyn Stones
Can I have some of each?
Sat Sep 8, 2018 01:19

Evelyn sighed. As ready as she was for distractions from the task at hand, it was nice to find that Ness was still Ness. Evelyn was also genuinely fascinated by Ness' knowledge of magic, even if it was about things Evelyn herself could probably never do. She smiled at her friend.

"I don't think I've ever told you, but I really admire your brains," Evelyn said, recognizing right away that whatever walls she'd built for herself were going to be too exhausting to hold up today. If anything, Evelyn wanted to be nothing. Walls down was fine if there was no crying heap of muck on the inside of them. She offered Ness a seat on her left side in case handholding or crying occurred at the same time as letter writing-- she would need her right hand then-- and considered the question about her work so far.

"I tried to think about what I want to say to each of my parents," Evelyn began, trusting that Ness would understand that it was important to say different things to them each. "They both need to know that I'm not coming home for Christmas, where I'm going, and that I'll most likely be back for summer," she went on, pointing at a centered column on one sheet of parchment. "I don't know if that's true but it seems likely if everything gets sorted by then." She was trying to be calm about this but she knew her facade was thin. This hurt and she hated it and the idea of never going home again made her about as sick as going home right then did.

"My mom probably needs to know ab it more. Maybe? I'm not sure if anything's going to happen that she should know about. Maybe I can just... I don't know. I want her to understand because I think she probably already does... but what if she doesn't?" Evelyn grimaced, thinking of her mother's pending heartbreak. She was convinced that such a thing was inevitable, and figured she owed her an explanation. "Whenever people talk about their parents, they talk about them differently than I do. My mom can't be surprised that people are reacting to that, right?" It sounded like the grown up thing to say but Evelyn wasn't sure she really believed it. It was a fantasy she had concocted to make this suck a little bit less.

"Either way, my father doesn't need to know anything my mom doesn't, so his column is blank," she said, pointing at a blank space on the right side of the paper.

She looked at Ness and realized how kind the Aladren looked. Maybe it wasn't a realization so much as a dawning of recognition. She'd known since orientation that Ness was kind, but the fact that Ness had taken time out of the day to come sit in the library and write sad letters, undoubtedly prepared for a fit of tears in the middle, meant a lot. Already having thanked Ness once and preferring not to be weird about it, Evelyn just smiled sadly at her friend and hoped to high heavens that she could repay that kindness someday. Except not for the same reasons, because she didn't want Ness to deal with Letter Writing Day.

  • Figurative and literal hand-holding as requiredNess McLeod, Sat Sep 8 01:00
    Ness exited the Aladren Common Room and circled around the edge of the library, in order to walk up to Evelynís table as if coming from the main door to the room. In some ways, the first year didnít... more
    • Can I have some of each? — Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 01:19
      • AbsolutelyNess, Sat Sep 8 22:16
        Evelyn liked Nessí brains. Admired them. Nessí brains were being admired and appreciated by another human being. A really cute human being. ďThank you,Ē the Aladren replied, clearly very touched. It... more
        • Thank you very muchEvelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 23:30
          Evelyn blushed, both at a compliment that must've been sincere for Ness to say it at all, and at something she couldn't identify in Ness' tone. She wasn't sure why it made her stomach feel like it... more
          • You're always welcomeNess, Sun Sep 9 01:33
            "Yes," Ness assured Evelyn gently as the Pecari leant on the Aladren. "Is this?" Ness checked, wrapping one arm around Evelyn and gently stroking her hair with the other hand. Ness was pretty sure... more
            • I don't know what to think.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 13:32
              Evelyn wasn't sure if what Ness was doing was okay. She was pretty sure it was comforting and she appreciated the kindness the Aladren was showing. At the same time, she wasn't really used to so much ... more
              • Think good things thenNess, Tue Sep 11 23:11
                People with low self-esteem were definitely a thing Ness had encountered before. The kinds of people who ended up running away from home usually had someone to run from, and that could leave its... more
                • I don't know if chaos is a good thing.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 16 15:13
                  Evelyn laughed, surprised, when Ness swore. It was something she hadn't expected from the usually well-mannered Aladren, and she grinned at her friend for a moment. Then her thoughts went back to... more
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