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Evelyn Stones
I don't know what to think.
Sun Sep 9, 2018 13:32 (XFF:

Evelyn wasn't sure if what Ness was doing was okay. She was pretty sure it was comforting and she appreciated the kindness the Aladren was showing. At the same time, she wasn't really used to so much touching all at once. However, it was a nice feeling and she nodded blankly at Ness before considering the rest of Ness' comment.

Evelyn was a bit confused that Ness' family 'wouldn't think like that about someone.' Why not? She suspected that Ness' family was at least as kind as their child was, but that seemed like too high an expectation and she hated to think so highly of parents when she wasn't sure yet who they were or what they were about.

"You're excited?" Evelyn asked, processing that part late. A small smile crossed her face. "I figured you were just being nice. Thanks for being my friend, Ness."

Evelyn stared at her columned paper notes as Ness spoke, and she considered the Aladren's words carefully before saying anything. "It is hard," she agreed. "And that's stupid. It's not fair."

Her face felt hot and her eyes felt wet and she wanted to shout a lot. "Aren't grownups supposed to be the ones that deal with this stuff? Why do my parents have to make me deal with them instead of them dealing with me?" Then a horrible thought struck her: what if they were the ones dealing with her? What if they felt exactly the same way as she did about her and were dreading hearing from her? Evelyn's tears finally spilled over when this thought struck her and she expressed her fears to Ness as best she could while blubbering and stammering.

"What if I'm the one who's wrong?" she whimpered, breathing hard. Her head felt light and she thought she might actually disappear if her she felt any dizzier. "What if it's all my fault? Parents are supposed to punish their kids for being bad, what if I'm just actually a bad person?"

Evelyn was pretty sure her heart ripped in half and each piece fell to the ground in fractured skins of the last bit of hope she'd had that she wasn't the villain in her own story.

  • You're always welcomeNess, Sun Sep 9 01:33
    "Yes," Ness assured Evelyn gently as the Pecari leant on the Aladren. "Is this?" Ness checked, wrapping one arm around Evelyn and gently stroking her hair with the other hand. Ness was pretty sure... more
    • I don't know what to think. — Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 13:32
      • Think good things thenNess, Tue Sep 11 23:11
        People with low self-esteem were definitely a thing Ness had encountered before. The kinds of people who ended up running away from home usually had someone to run from, and that could leave its... more
        • I don't know if chaos is a good thing.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 16 15:13
          Evelyn laughed, surprised, when Ness swore. It was something she hadn't expected from the usually well-mannered Aladren, and she grinned at her friend for a moment. Then her thoughts went back to... more
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