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Think good things then
Tue Sep 11, 2018 23:11

People with low self-esteem were definitely a thing Ness had encountered before. The kinds of people who ended up running away from home usually had someone to run from, and that could leave its marks. Even if Ness wasn’t exposed to them in their raw and grieving state, they usually crossed paths at other points - at family parties, at fundraisers. Evelyn’s symptoms were a more severe version of something Ness had encountered relatively frequently.

“You’re fun to be around. And I want to share more fun times with you, so yes, I am excited,” Ness replied, backing up her statement with reasoning, as always.

“You’re not wrong or bad,” Ness assured her, “Wrong people are like… hateful, or nasty ones. And that’s not you. As for why… Well, it comes back to what you said before. It isn’t fair. I don’t know why it’s not, but I know it isn’t… I kind of find that better in a way. If there was a big plan and a big reason for everything, then somewhere, somehow there would be a justification for what’s happening to you. And I can’t think of any that would be acceptable. So… I guess there isn’t one. The universe is random and chaotic and bad stuff happens to good people. It isn’t fair but it also isn’t deserved or personal. That seems better than the alternative to me.” There was a beat, whilst this deep statement settled into the air, the atmosphere of which was then promptly shattered by Ness underlining the point with “But still completely s***.”

  • I don't know what to think.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 13:32
    Evelyn wasn't sure if what Ness was doing was okay. She was pretty sure it was comforting and she appreciated the kindness the Aladren was showing. At the same time, she wasn't really used to so much ... more
    • Think good things then — Ness, Tue Sep 11 23:11
      • I don't know if chaos is a good thing.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 16 15:13
        Evelyn laughed, surprised, when Ness swore. It was something she hadn't expected from the usually well-mannered Aladren, and she grinned at her friend for a moment. Then her thoughts went back to... more
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