Mary Brooding
One people or one skills?
Sat Sep 15, 2018 22:00

Tarquin's advice was kind and encouraging. It was clear that he cared about students and staff and she wondered just how much he saw behind that desk of his. He'd certainly have access to more one-on-one time with each than many of them had with anybody else. He was perceptive, too, which would help tremendously.

He was perceptive enough that Mary found herself wondering how much he already knew. To make matters worse, the first thing that came to her mind was something along the lines of 'not more than usual' which was more than a little depressing, however true it was.

"He's not going through anything that he's not used to," Mary assured him. "Or at least, not that he's not used to and that isn't normal for that age."

She let the moment linger just a moment. If Tarquin knew much about Mr. Montoir's life, he would undoubtedly take the time to check in with him. If he didn't, he still seemed the type to go out of his way for Mr. Montoir. Regardless, Mary was determined to make sure it was of his own accord, and not because she had intervened or done anything to interfere with Mr. Montoir's privacy.

  • Phew, glad somebody brought someTarquin Fox-Reynolds, Sat Sep 15 21:26
    I dont know I think when I was an angsty teenager - a long, long time ago - Id have given a lot to know that someone was on my side. That someone else had felt what I felt and that it would get... more
    • One people or one skills? — Mary Brooding, Sat Sep 15 22:00
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