Evelyn Stones
I hope words taste better than feelings.
Wed Dec 5, 2018 17:59

Evelyn tried not to sigh and she tried not to look frustrated. She wasn't sure why no one else seemed to see that Ivy was being overbearing until came the slow realization that maybe...just maybe... she wasn't.


Evelyn waited until she was pretty sure no one was looking - if she was going to be wrong, she was at least going to be subtle about it - and retrieved Ivy's list again. The ideas were actually good, even if they came from someone older and prettier and whateverer. She wished she'd come up with some of them on her own, until she realized that she would have called herself helpful for doing exactly what she'd called Ivy bossy for.

Embarrassed, and not entirely sure where this sour streak had come from, Evelyn did her best to focus on what Ivy and the others were talking about. She felt small and the fact that Julius likely wouldn't want his pureblood-in-disguise friend hanging around him when he was working with his own ambition here didn't help.

"I'm happy to help wherever I'm needed," Evelyn said quietly when it seemed like her response was next. "I'm glad you came prepared," she added to Ivy, allowing just a little bit of her shame to pull her shoulders forward and to keep her eyes fixed firmly anywhere but Ivy's face. She wanted to apologize, but she definitely wasn't going to do it in front of everyone. She would wait. Maybe if she was lucky, Ivy would turn out to be a terrible person.

  • Good ideaIvy, Thu Nov 29 16:32
    Ivy couldn't help but notice Evelyn tucking her list behind another paper. Then the younger girl turned back to Julian and asked about his ideas instead. Sure, she said they'd "keep Ivy's ideas in... more
    • I hope words taste better than feelings. — Evelyn Stones, Wed Dec 5 17:59
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