Mary Brooding
Good thing!
Wed Dec 5, 2018 18:04

"More than I know about the practical bit," Mary admitted, wrinkling her nose. Their duel in the MARS rooms had ended with Mary feeling stiff, sore, and exhausted, not to mention a bit covered in surface-level puncture marks.

The idea of combination casting wasn't one that Mary had ever considered, nor needed to, but it was similar to a core part of her potions curriculum, which she told Tabitha. "I learned that stuff by guessing at what might happen, testing it out to see what actually happened, and then trying to figure out why. I heard someone call it the 'scientific method', but I think that was the Muggle term. Is that sort of similar?" she asked, looking around at the books nearby and selecting a glossary of magic terms. She was always one to start at the basics and the essence of magic was as fascinating to her as it was to any witch or wizard who focused in the tangible magical arts. She could never put the question of 'what is magic' aside for very long.

"I'm not sure how much help I can be but you're cute when you concentrate so I'm happy to sit with you while you brainstorm," she added, grinning.

  • You know me far too well. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 18 13:05
    Tabitha smiled slightly after Mary's kiss (which, she privately thought, was far too short), her feelings having lifted in the presence of the woman. Her eyes glimmered with amusement and delight and ... more
    • Good thing! — Mary Brooding, Wed Dec 5 18:04
      • Being with you is always a good thing.Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Dec 5 20:27
        "It's the other way round for me," Tabitha murmured thoughtfully as she read through the contents page of the book she'd chosen. "I have always been more knowledgeable about the practical than the... more
        • You make me blush. Mary Brooding, Thu Dec 13 01:24
          Mary smiled at Tabitha's quick transition to "big words." She was so prone to the academic side of the world that it made Mary laugh sometimes because Tabitha would never admit to such propensities.... more
          • You do funny things to my insides.Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Dec 13 02:09
            Tabitha liked it when Mary smiled at her. She, admittedly, wasn't always sure of the reason behind Mary smiling at her but often found that it didn't matter. Mary was gorgeous with a beautiful smile... more
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