Tabitha Hawthorne
Being with you is always a good thing.
Wed Dec 5, 2018 20:27

"It's the other way round for me," Tabitha murmured thoughtfully as she read through the contents page of the book she'd chosen. "I have always been more knowledgeable about the practical than the theory. Cast first, ask questions later..."

She flicked her wand at her lifeless quill, forcing it to dance and dip itself into the pot of ink she brought. Another flick and it moved obediently to the top of her parchment. It would be ready to write when Tabitha required it to. A helpful charm she'd known since her school days and it had saved her a lot of hand cramps from all the extensive writing.

"So, you form a hypothesis, test it and then see if you what you thought would happen, did happen?" Tabitha asked, lifting her eyes momentarily to smile at Mary. The woman was clever and the method was so very her. "Combination casting is when you put a series of spells together that should enhance each other and yes, it is similar. You need to work out, generally through trial and error more than anything else, which spells work best together. For example, the Reductor Curse would work well the Wind Making spell - because you can obscure your opponent's vision and keep them blinded by using wind to keep the remains of whatever it is you've blown up going."

She'd just turned the first page of her book when Mary said that she was cute and she blinked and looked up, unable to hide the surprised expression on her face. 'Cute' wasn't a word that was generally used to describe Tabitha. "Y-you... think I'm cute?"

  • Good thing!Mary Brooding, Wed Dec 5 18:04
    "More than I know about the practical bit," Mary admitted, wrinkling her nose. Their duel in the MARS rooms had ended with Mary feeling stiff, sore, and exhausted, not to mention a bit covered in... more
    • Being with you is always a good thing. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Dec 5 20:27
      • You make me blush. Mary Brooding, Thu Dec 13 01:24
        Mary smiled at Tabitha's quick transition to "big words." She was so prone to the academic side of the world that it made Mary laugh sometimes because Tabitha would never admit to such propensities.... more
        • You do funny things to my insides.Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Dec 13 02:09
          Tabitha liked it when Mary smiled at her. She, admittedly, wasn't always sure of the reason behind Mary smiling at her but often found that it didn't matter. Mary was gorgeous with a beautiful smile... more
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