Mary Brooding
You make me blush.
Thu Dec 13, 2018 01:24

Mary smiled at Tabitha's quick transition to "big words." She was so prone to the academic side of the world that it made Mary laugh sometimes because Tabitha would never admit to such propensities. "Something like that," Mary agreed, crossing her legs under her skirts and leaning back in her seat to consider her girlfriend. Her beautiful lovely girlfriend. "Sometimes it just helps you rule something out. If you have a hypothesis and then it doesn't work, then you know that wasn't the right idea behind it. So if something else happens, you can test both whether your hypothesis was right, but also what hypothesis you should've had. You sort of work backwards." She shrugged, not sure how to express it any better, particularly since it seemed less applicable to Tabitha's work than her own.

She considered Tabitha's example and her backside in equal measure. "So is it just about how they work together? Or is there anything to worry about as far as the essence of the spell itself?" she provided a brief explanation of the difference with potions, where it was important to consider both the effects of the potions and their makeup. Two potions might sound like a good combination but their combined ingredients could be deadly for the brewer.

Tabitha's surprise made Mary's heart sad, and she frowned as they made eye contact. "Of course you're cute," Mary said. "You're like a dragon. Equal parts terrifying and adorable, and I think you're as likely to scratch a dragon under the chin as to study it with that distant objectivity of yours. Also, look at you," she added, offering a cheeky smile and cocking an eyebrow suggestively. "I'm a fan."

  • Being with you is always a good thing.Tabitha Hawthorne, Wed Dec 5 20:27
    "It's the other way round for me," Tabitha murmured thoughtfully as she read through the contents page of the book she'd chosen. "I have always been more knowledgeable about the practical than the... more
    • You make me blush. — Mary Brooding, Thu Dec 13 01:24
      • You do funny things to my insides.Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Dec 13 02:09
        Tabitha liked it when Mary smiled at her. She, admittedly, wasn't always sure of the reason behind Mary smiling at her but often found that it didn't matter. Mary was gorgeous with a beautiful smile... more
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