Evelyn Stones
Getting to the end. [Ness.]
Thu Dec 13, 2018 01:35

The days left in Evelyn's first year at Sonora could be counted on one hand, and she thought this was terrible news. She'd been keeping in greater correspondence with her parents than she'd expected, apparently as a result of a successful intervention. If nothing else, her father seemed willing to write now and was pleased to hear she'd been enjoying Sonora, regardless of whether she was succeeding academically or magically. Still, the thought of spending the summer at home was bittersweet. The Oregon coast was well-loved and well-missed, but the Stones family home, perched above the sea, was much less so.

When she'd asked Ness to meet her in the library, she had been surprised at the nerves in her belly. They spent time together fairly often, but it was sometimes limited to classwork. Being in different houses kept them apart during parts of the day that were often relegated to laying in bed in her pajamas, and Evelyn's involvement with the Garden Club, the newspaper, and Quidditch had kept her busy. This was all on top of her efforts to further befriend Tatiana and Katerina, Cleo, Parker, and anyone else she might convince to think she was a pretty okay person, not to mention devotion to Malikhi's healing process. It was a busy spring and time had flown by.

Ness was simple and complicated. There was something familiar and warm about the Aladren's smiling face, largely due to the holidays they'd spent together and the ongoing concern about Evelyn's home life since then, but there was more than that. Ness' tendency to lean on honesty and openness made it easy to know where they stood and how things were going. If Ness needed space, Evelyn was sure she'd know. If Evelyn needed a hug, she could go to Ness. Ness was warm and kind and had a nice face and a big brain and a gold heart.

Her considerations were interrupted by the arrival of the subject of them and she smiled an excited greeting at her friend.

"Hi," she said lamely and perfectly and comfortably and awkwardly. There was little else she needed to say, but she wanted to, and that was encouraging. She hoped Ness felt the same with her. She patted the open seat beside her on the plushy library armchair and offered a purple lipped grin. "How is a raven like a writing desk?" she added, enjoying throwing such random questions at Ness to watch the wheels turn behind those eyes. She waited a moment to allow some thought before suggesting her own answer: "They both start with rrrrr."

    • Hopefully not!Ness, Fri Dec 21 02:21
      Ness was happy-anxious when Evelyn requested library time. Spending time with Evelyn was always good, and it was especially good when the Aladren got to feel specifically chosen as a companion,... more
      • Never ever ending then.Evelyn Stones, Sat Dec 29 02:03
        Evelyn smirked and then she smiled. Ness was Aladren through and through, and had the biggest brain to go with the biggest heart. "You're too smart for me," Evelyn said with a cheeky smile. "That's... more
        • Can doNess, Sat Dec 29 13:18
          "You make me think too," Ness assured Evelyn, echoing the compliment because it was not only true but, as far as the Aladren was concerned, some of the highest praise one could offer. "After all, I... more
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