Tabitha Hawthorne
You do funny things to my insides.
Thu Dec 13, 2018 02:09

Tabitha liked it when Mary smiled at her. She, admittedly, wasn't always sure of the reason behind Mary smiling at her but often found that it didn't matter. Mary was gorgeous with a beautiful smile that warmed Tabitha's heart and the Defence professor was always pleased that she would, somehow, manage to cause it. Looking at the situation now, it would seem that Mary smiling had something to do with Tabitha actually showing her more academic and thoughtful side. She knew that Mary liked the impulsive, potentially dangerous side of her - the side that was on show nearly for everyone to see. After years of duelling, casting spells no longer required intense thought. It was second nature to Tabitha to know which spell to cast next and, sometimes, her body knew that before her mind caught up. Was she making Mary smile because this was one of the few times that she could be seen thinking, musing and, if she had still be in school, perhaps behaving more Ravenclaw than Gryffindor?

Well, given the fact that they were talking about hypotheses, Tabitha privately came up with one of her own. Was it the fact that she was showing off her own intelligence that was making Mary smile or was Mary simply smiling because she was Mary and she was lovely?

"It is more about them working together, yes, rather than the essence. Though a general rule of thumb is that if you're going to cast a string of spells, you probably want to stick to them being all offensive if you've got the upper hand or the defensive if you're on the back foot. Mixing the two can become complicated and you can lose track of what you've cast which can be just as detrimental. It can work, though, if you know what you're doing. With potions, I can understand that being different - there's more to consider. With spells, if you cast a lot of them, you might simply start to get a burning smell from the sheer number flying around - or if you've burned somebody's clothes or the surrounding environment but the smell of burning isn't toxic. Using potions in a duel is inspired and clever but it's easy to see the number of risks involved - you could just as easily create a toxic gas than hamper your opponent, for example. Not... that I need to tell you that, of course. I know you will already have considered all of this."

Mary was smart and intelligent. Tabitha knew that and was not going to sit and insult the woman by behaving otherwise. Their duel had revealed a lot of things - including that Tabitha was very attracted to dangerous Mary - and while Tabitha had already known that Mary had brains, she'd been shown that Mary was more than that. Creative, inspired, sexy as hell...

She was going to have to stop that train of thought before it got too far.

Of course, Mary was making it very hard to stop such thoughts as she elaborated on the comment she'd made about Tabitha being cute. The defence professor couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the comparison to a dragon, though found that she rather liked it. She wasn't quite sure about the word adorable but when a beautiful woman was paying you a compliment and flirting with you and that beautiful woman was Mary, you accepted it. Her lips couldn't help but twitch up into their familiar smirk at Mary's last comment. She had a feeling that the very point of coming into the library to plan a lesson was very quickly flying out the window next to them.

"Keep talking like that and we're not going to be allowed to stay in here," Tabitha murmured, before crossing one leg over the other. Her eyes held contact with Mary's, glittering with amusement. "But while we're on the subject, I think you're gorgeous."

It wasn't as subtle as Mary's comment but it got her point across.

  • You make me blush. Mary Brooding, Thu Dec 13 01:24
    Mary smiled at Tabitha's quick transition to "big words." She was so prone to the academic side of the world that it made Mary laugh sometimes because Tabitha would never admit to such propensities.... more
    • You do funny things to my insides. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Thu Dec 13 02:09
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