Hopefully not!
Fri Dec 21, 2018 02:21

Ness was happy-anxious when Evelyn requested library time. Spending time with Evelyn was always good, and it was especially good when the Aladren got to feel specifically chosen as a companion, rather than them just happening to come together the way they did at meals or in class. And they would be meeting in the library, which was kind of their place, and any time spent in the library had to be marked down as positive. Ness just knew that Evelyn had to have a lot on her mind right now, and it was hard to know where all that was going, and what kind of support she might be in need of. Hence the anxious. Theoretically, things were better at Casa Stones, and those in charge of such things had deemed it safe enough for Evelyn to return. Ness pictured the social work system as being a lot like the McLeod Foundation - they were the good guys, out doing right and helping the world - and the first year had an inherent trust that such systems worked, having largely been exposed to the better side of them. But it was one thing to trust them in theory and another thing when there was an Evelyn - your very own Evelyn, who was so special - and it was her safety at stake. It felt a little bit hard to know for sure that the system they had in place was going to work when they clearly had not been able to test run it with the rather key component of Evelyn herself in place. Still, there wasn't much that Ness could do - Marijke had written to both first years assuring them they would be keeping in touch over the summer, and providing Evelyn with one of the tokens that would Floo her to the McLeod refuge centre, just in case. With those safety nets in place, things had started to feel a little better.

Ness found Evelyn sitting in their seat and snuggled in happily. The riddle that came out of Evelyn's mouth was a surprise - Ness was familiar with the riddle itself, and had always found its lack of a proper, definite answer deeply frustrating. Ness had often tried to come up with solutions but did not find them particularly satisfying; none of them seemed good enough, and there was no way of ever knowing whether one had answered correctly, however much effort one put in. There was not time to do much more than make quizzical eyebrows before Evelyn provided her answer.

"I never thought of that," Ness admitted, gaping in wonder at her. "That's a really clever answer - it seems simple but it's hidden by the spellings so it's not something people would think of straight away. The best I ever came up with is 'if they're down to one leg, something's gone wrong.' I think yours is better though. Maybe it's even the right answer, not that we will ever know, thank you very much, C.S. Lewis," Ness grumbled. "Wait... that's the wrong one, isn't it? I always mix those two up."

  • Getting to the end. [Ness.] Evelyn Stones, Thu Dec 13 01:35
    The days left in Evelyn's first year at Sonora could be counted on one hand, and she thought this was terrible news. She'd been keeping in greater correspondence with her parents than she'd expected, ... more
    • Hopefully not! — Ness, Fri Dec 21 02:21
      • Never ever ending then.Evelyn Stones, Sat Dec 29 02:03
        Evelyn smirked and then she smiled. Ness was Aladren through and through, and had the biggest brain to go with the biggest heart. "You're too smart for me," Evelyn said with a cheeky smile. "That's... more
        • Can doNess, Sat Dec 29 13:18
          "You make me think too," Ness assured Evelyn, echoing the compliment because it was not only true but, as far as the Aladren was concerned, some of the highest praise one could offer. "After all, I... more
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