Evelyn Stones
Never ever ending then.
Sat Dec 29, 2018 02:03

Evelyn smirked and then she smiled. Ness was Aladren through and through, and had the biggest brain to go with the biggest heart.

"You're too smart for me," Evelyn said with a cheeky smile. "That's why we're good together. You keep me thinking and I... Well I hope I keep you surprised if nothing else."

Ness snuggling was one of Evelyn's favorite pasttimes. She enjoyed Malikhi time too, but it was so much more complicated. Ness was soft and warm and sweet and Malikhi was soft and warm and dangerous. There was something too much like herself in the sadness of his eyes, and something too much like her father in his angry tone. She suspected she just had an inherent distrust for man people at this point, and tried not to hold it against him. It made it all the more confusing though when he was so warm and made her feel warm.

She pushed the thoughts aside. This was Ness' time and it wouldn't due to have her mind elsewhere. Ness was warm and made Evelyn feel warm too, but most importantly, Ness was present. Evelyn smiled at her friend.

"What am I going to do without you all summer?" she queried, putting on a playful tone. She didn't try to hide the worry in her expression though. "You won't forget about me right?" There was some small amount of desperation in her voice that made her want to scream something along the lines of 'don't be so pathetic'. Pushing so hard to be sure of her friendships was just as likely to push her friends away altogether and the thought that she would likely be her own undoing someday made her sick. "I won't forget," she added more softly, forcing a breath of Ness scented air into her lungs and trying to relax. It wasn't so hard to do, to her surprise, and she settled into the comfort of the friendly cushy chair in the library with Ness McLeod for company: how much luckier could she be?

  • Hopefully not!Ness, Fri Dec 21 02:21
    Ness was happy-anxious when Evelyn requested library time. Spending time with Evelyn was always good, and it was especially good when the Aladren got to feel specifically chosen as a companion,... more
    • Never ever ending then. — Evelyn Stones, Sat Dec 29 02:03
      • Can doNess, Sat Dec 29 13:18
        "You make me think too," Ness assured Evelyn, echoing the compliment because it was not only true but, as far as the Aladren was concerned, some of the highest praise one could offer. "After all, I... more
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