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Captain Clark Dill, Seeker
New tricks
Wed Nov 16, 2016 21:03

Clark had been plagued with dreams the night before what may be his very last Quidditch match should Jamie repeat his victory form last year's final. Over the seven hours he had laid in his bed, he had alternately won, lost, been too sick to play, been abducted by his birth father in the middle of the game, turned the the dark side and and made a Faustian deal to win, refused to compromise his morals and declined an offer to guarantee a win at the expense of failing a single Transfiguration exam, and, perhaps most strangely, playing a version of the game where the participants rode flamingos instead of brooms and his flamingo had been actively trying to sabotage his game.

It was an exhausting night and he felt decidedly unrefreshed when he got up and headed down to breakfast in the morning. Knowing Jake Manger was taking divination, he'd found a seat near the Teppenpaw Seeker to ask for insight into the dreams (obviously not mentioning the personal aspect to his alien abduction) and pretty much concluded that he was just nervous about potentially ending his previously impressive Seeking career on a double loss and he was somewhat blaming his older model broom for his loss last year. While he was glad there were no greater Signs and Portents behind them, he was still a bit irritable that he'd lost a night's worth of much-needed sleep over something so obvious.

On the plus side, Jake had offered him a nicer broom.

He'd never had a problem with the old one before that game and it hadn't made financial sense to buy a new one with at most two games left in his Quidditch career, but if Jake had one just lying around, Clark wasn't going to spurn it. He spent the rest of the morning before the game testing it out and getting used to its differences in maneuverability and speed. Jake was shorter than him, so it wasn't perfectly optimized, but it was a seeker's broom, so it had that going for it. Now he had a much better chance of keeping up with Jamie if they had to race for the snitch again this time, but, on the other hand, it was always a risk going into a game with an unfamiliar broom.

Well, if they lost today, at least he wouldn't need to worry about splitting his time between Quidditch and RATS study this year.

Wait, no, he wasn't going to consider losing yet. It was far too early in the day and year to get defeatist already. He had won every one of his games except that last one, he could come back from this. He was actually a very good Seeker and now he knew Jamie had vastly improved from a showboating slacker and Clark had been working on new tricks that would hopefully be more effective against Jamie's Stuck-On-You strategy than his previous methods which had basically depended on spotting the snitch first and having a head start.

Clark was a quick study, and learning from one's mistakes was a mark of a brilliant mind. He could do this and the Aladren team would take back the Cup that had been theirs for so long. He'd fallen into a false sense of security and the belief that he couldn't lose had been shattered. Today he would show that one loss was not the end of him.

Having pepped himself up on his walk to the Pitch, and feeling more alert between the brisk autumn air and the sugar and caffeine from breakfast, he gathered his team around him for their pregame pep talk. "Hey guys and gals," he greeted them cheerfully, glad that he could use the plural in the latter address, "Here's our rematch. We can do this. John, take out Jamie if you can, and don't worry about it if I'm close by. He won last time because he never left my side. I want a little more breathing room this time around, and we've been working on my abilities to run." He grinned a bit even though this was truth and not really a joke at all. He had discussed this strategy with John before, but he wanted the rest of the team to know he had a plan to come back from his previous defeat against this same Seeker. Morale and all that.

"Jack, you're lead Chaser. You, Arianna, and Kit, work together with the plays you've been practicing and keep mostly to short passes when possible. Pecari's fielding some really good interceptors, so watch out for them. They've got a first year in their goals, so try to take advantage of him not having very long arms. Lena, watch out for combos and be ready to change directions fast. You do have reach, so use it. Louis, keep our Chasers safe, and take out or disable Joella if you can; she's their best player." He had thought about instructing the French Chaser-turned-Beater to target Ingrid as well, but then remembered he'd seen them together at the last ball, and decided that was a conflict of interest he might lose. "As always, keep alert and play smart. That how we win. Let's do this." He put his hand into the middle of the huddle and waited for the rest of the team to join him for the rally cry, "Aladren!"

He shook Joella's hand when instructed to do so and returned her platitude with one of his own, "Good luck," despite a momentary inclination to quip back that 'we will' because, besides being rude, that was the sort of thing Snitches and Karma liked to prove wrong. Overall, he thought his Karma balance was probably better than Jamie's and there was no sense in blowing an advantage like that on a stupid remark.

He returned to the rest of his team and kicked off with the whistle blow. He never for a moment thought Aladren might have an advantage with their Head of House being the referee today - that insulted both Pye's integrity and his own team. They would win by their own significant merits or not at all.

And to start off with, Clark's merits included a whole new Seeking pattern that he had meticulously calculated out over the summer as possibly being even more efficient than his previous one. It was also much more complex and he didn't think Jamie had the mathematical background to predict it today on its first use in a game. He also planned to mix up his flight speeds periodically in order to keep things difficult for Jamie. He'd also worked with John over the past few weeks, teaching him the new pattern, including speed variations, so the Aladren Beater would know when a sudden speed up might put a little extra space between the two Seekers. At first, though, he kept to the steady pace that had been his trademark in most of his previous games, hoping to convince his opponent that it was business as usual, just with an altered flight pattern. The first speed up, at the point marked G on his pitch map, would probably be John's best chance of catching a clean shot. But first, Clark had six other letters to get through before he got there. Plenty of time to lull Jamie into the same old same old.

OOC: Mentions of past actions with Jake and John okayed by their authors.

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