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Kit Reid, Chaser
Hippos don't fly.
Fri Nov 18, 2016 23:35

Excitement was not a strong enough word for this day. Today was the first day that Kit would be playing her first real competitive Quidditch game. She had worked hard to learn all of the plays and moves. She was ready. Well, at least, thatís what she told herself until she got on the Quidditch field. If she had been simply competing against other first years, then she would have been full of confidence that she would win. However, she was going up against players that were older and more experienced.

She took a deep breath. Kit just had to remember that there were Aladren players who were equally older and more experienced. Two of them she was counting on to keep her safe, because regardless of how old, big, experienced, or anything else one was, those bludgers were scary. Some of the players that were in control of them were equally scary. She was just hoping that the other players didnít try aiming those things at her too much!

Kit clutched her broom. She had gotten it right after she had made the Quidditch team. It was a much better model than the school broom had been. It had a decent amount of speed to it with good control. She also liked that she had been able to customize the model to have pink accents, which matched the pink ribbon that she continued to tie on her broom for luck.

Once they were up in the air, Kit was disappointed to see that the Pecari Quidditch Captain had possession of the quaffed almost immediately. She tightened her grip on her broom and leaned forward. She didnít follow Joella. She knew that she had no chance to get the quaffle directly away from the girl and even if the Pecari tried to make the pass, she would be able to push past her. No, the best thing to do was to follow one of the other Chasers in the hopes that she could intercept the eventual pass. With this in mind, Kit went after one of the Pecari chasers, tagging behind them as much as she could without obviously blocking them.

Part of her was hoping the Joella would make the pass to this particular Chaser and part of her hoped, she wouldnít, because Jack was a more experienced Chaser and if he was able to intercept the pass, he had a better shot of making it to the goals. Of course, her tiny frame allowed for her to weave in and out of the others more easily. She loved the feel of the wind on her face, as she urged her broom forward faster. She needed to get closer. The Chaser was definitely moving with a mission. She was edging closer and closer. She was in the perfect position to get the pass when all of a sudden she heard a terrifying sound.

It seemed to happen all at once. Her head turned, her blue eyes widened, and without a second thought, she pulled back just missing the whirling bludger. Oh, no! She lost the Chaser that she had been following. Oh, please, please, she hoped that someone else from the Aladren team had been close enough to get the pass and that it hadnít gone to the Pecari Chaser. If it had, it meant that the opposing team was that much closer to scoring.

That just couldnít happen, but realistically she knew there was a good possibility that the Pecari team would win. Having two new first year Chasers on a team was probably hurting the Aladren team, but she had hoped and determination. It was always those that were the underdogs that the crowd sympathized with. So, even if they lost, they would be winners of popular vote. She held onto that, because Kit Reid was in absolutely no way a loser.

  • The Hippo attacks!Ben The Hippo, Beater, Fri Nov 18 08:36
    Ben was ready for this. So ready. Sammy was an awesome person and beating partner and he felt he had learned a lot under her leadership over the last couple of months. Sure his dad and uncle had both ... more
    • Hippos don't fly. — Kit Reid, Chaser, Fri Nov 18 23:35
      • But hawks definitely do!Louis Valois, Beater, Mon Nov 21 14:13
        Waking up and glaring disbelievingly at his alarm clock, Louis was just about to roll over and make proper use of his Saturday by going straight back to sleep when he realised that it wasnít just a... more
        • Better late than neverIngrid W, Chaser, Sat Nov 26 03:06
          Match day was always exciting. Ingrid had always been driven to do her best for Liliana because she admired the older girl, and things hadnít changed with the passing of the torch. But as well as... more
          • Glad you think soBen Pierce, Beater, Sat Nov 26 13:17
            Ben watched as his bludger successfully scare the smallest of the Aladren chasers off course, opening up a passing opportunity. He didn't watch to see if it was taken, but instead followed the... more
            • If a Pecari, better neverLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:01
              Ingrid managed to neatly avoid Louisís bludger and, whilst he was glad not to cause any injuries, this was Quidditch and Louis could be a rather competitive player. Ingridís barrel-roll meant his... more
              • Never underestimate a Pecari.Cpt Joella Curtis, Chaser, Sat Nov 26 18:29
                Joella could breathe again once Ingrid was safely on her way with the Quaffle. The younger girl did a good job of making the catch and dodging a bludger pretty much simultaneously. The captain sped... more
                • Yeah, what she said.Luke Powell, Keeper, Sat Nov 26 18:43
                  Luke weaved through his hoops with ease, handling his broom so casually and confidently. He was a natural sportsman and he liked training hard so Quidditch worked out nicely for him. The first year... more
                  • I beg to differLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 19:09
                    Annoyingly, Joella had manoeuvred her way out of a nasty bludger accident (well, not that he was actually wishing bodily harm upon the older chaser), but at least Louisís actions had made sure she... more
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