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Aislinn Nicolls
Sat Nov 19, 2016 00:59

If anyone knew Aislinn, they would have known that it was unlikely they would find her watching a Quidditch match. Sports were an absolutely mystery to her. She understood the basic rules of the game, but she didn’t understand the actual appeal or point of the game. She didn’t see why it was fun to fly up and down a field with a ball just to try and throw it in some hoops. She couldn’t even say it was just a weird wizard thing when muggles were just as bad. In the muggle world, they played similar games where they ran instead of flew up and down a field with a ball. She just didn’t see the fun in it. She would have preferred to have been reading ahead in the class chapters.

But Sutton had convinced her that going to see John play would be a good idea, because it would show that she supported his activities. Aislinn had tried to argue that John wouldn’t notice if she were there or not. That he had a girlfriend. That she was low on the totem pole of people that he would notice. Sutton said that was all the more reason that she should go and go looking all cute in the off chance that he noticed even slightly. She thought her sister was crazy, but she was also persistent.

Aislinn felt incredibly awkward sitting in the bleachers wearing mascara and lipgloss. Things that were normally out of her vocabulary. She had even gone as far as to style her long hair so that it fell in pretty brown curls. Now, only if Sutton would show up so that she didn’t feel utterly foolish sitting here all alone. It wasn’t as if she had many friends, though, she had found a confidant in Sammy, but unfortunately, she was on the Pecari team, which they were playing and therefore, was obviously unable to sit with her. Sutton better show up, especially since it was her House that was playing too. Where was she? Aislinn started looking around in the faint hope that she would make an appearance. She was definitely going to be angry if Sutton flaked out on her.

Oh, there she was! “Sutton!” She shouted, but it didn’t seem that her sister heard her. “Sutton!” She stood up to try and get her sister’s attention and nearly tripped on someone. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” She hadn’t meant to nearly fall into the person, but she wasn’t exactly the most graceful of people. “I was trying to get my sister’s attention. She’s over there.” Aislinn pointed towards where her sister had been. Where did she go? “She seems to have disappeared.” She sat down in disappointment. Maybe she should just leave? But the game had already started and she didn’t want to seem like a traitor to her House either. Trying to feel a little more in place, she asked, “How do you feel about the odds for each team?”

    • Feeling sillyCaelia Lucan, Sat Nov 26 19:52
      Caelia felt pretty silly, sitting there in her pretty light green dress and her nice, blue winter cloak to protect against the chilly air. She always came to the games to support whichever team it... more
    • *~*~*Spirit Club Cheering Section*~*~*Gia Donovan, Sun Nov 20 12:06
      OOC: This is separate from Aislinn's thread BIC: Gia was nervous. Today was the first game of the season and everything that she had worked hard on for the Spirit Club would all come into light... more
      • What was I thinking?Farrah Welsh, Sat Nov 26 16:14
        Farrah stood nervously by the other Spirit Club members who were participating in the cheerleading part of the club. When she had first been given the option of designing how her outfit would look,... more
        • I don't know, that you wanted to have a good time?Laila Kennedy, Sun Nov 27 02:04
          “You did a fantastic job, Gia!” Laila had gushed to her friend the first time she’d seen the cheerleading outfits, and as Laila stood in front of her mirror admiring the uniform Gia had put together, ... more
          • Here to cheer!Ayla Tremaine, Mon Nov 28 17:01
            Ayla wasn’t much of a Quidditch fan, but she wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to show her school spirit and support her friends. It helped that she got to wear her super cute cheer outfit... more
    • ResearchingBarnaby Pye, Sat Nov 19 19:36
      Looking out of his bedroom window that morning, Barnaby had been rather excited. He could tell from the condensation on the glass that the air, at least, was cold even if the sun was shining and from ... more
      • AdmittingAislinn, Tue Nov 22 00:14
        Barnaby Pye. It seemed that she was seeing more of the wizard than she had previously. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that or him for that matter. He was rather intelligent, even by Aladren... more
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