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Barnaby Pye
Sat Nov 19, 2016 19:36

Looking out of his bedroom window that morning, Barnaby had been rather excited. He could tell from the condensation on the glass that the air, at least, was cold even if the sun was shining and from the years of attending Quidditch matches with Father, he had gleaned that many players preferred weather like this. Perhaps it was that nostalgia of the less complicated days before Father had started teaching him things about their business, before he had noticed Jax Donovan, before he had been sent to America to keep an eye out on his older brother who had been disowned years earlier, that caused Barnaby to pull an Aladren blue sweater over his normal button-down shirt and slack and go for a walk up to the Quidditch Pitch.

Quidditch wasn’t Barnaby’s thing. Alfie had played back at Hogwarts and Barnaby had spent most of his life trying to prove that he was better than Alfie and part of this was not engaging in the frivolities his brother had enjoyed while at school. As he walked to the pitch, a light wind blew his scarf around his neck and he found himself reaching up to readjust it so that it wasn’t falling off multiple times. His nose was a little red and his ears were probably similar in colour, but he didn’t really care. It was an odd thought—he hadn’t ever really enjoyed even watching those matches with his father. What he’d actually liked was the feeling of importance sitting with Father in their special seats, quietly watching as Father met with important looking wizards in suits. Certainly no Sonora match would emulate that, but just maybe he could find an appreciation for the game too—the only thing Alfie had over him.

Maybe if Jax Donovan played…

Barnaby’s cheeks flushed red to match his nose and ears and he pushed his glasses up his nose. There would be no thoughts like that, he was trying to separate himself from his troubles. Spend some time focusing and paying attention to the match so he could talk about it with Father when he returned home even though he was sure Father wouldn’t really care about his American boarding school Quidditch league.

A falling witch shortly after the match started diverted Barnaby’s attention and he looked up. It was the only witch in Aladren in his year, Aislinn Nicolls. Barnaby wasn’t normally someone who paid much attention to the girls at Sonora (he’d only noticed how bright Nevaeh had shone at the ball the previous year because she was, somehow, his best friend at the school and she had looked so happy). He couldn’t really care any less about how girls styled their hair or the latest fashion trends—slacks and button-downs would be in style for as long as Barnaby planned to be alive, anyway—but he wasn’t so completely unobservant to not notice that Aislinn Nicolls looked different.

“I’m fine,” he said, an eyebrow quirked slightly as he tried to put his finger on what exactly was different about her. He didn’t respond to her explanation—what did he care about her sister? She wasn’t the one who looked different (aside from a haircut but, really, that change was a more obvious one than Aislinn’s transformation and therefore he didn’t really care).

He thought that she would leave, but instead she took the seat next to him and he studied her face carefully while holding in the frustration her interruption of his solitude caused him. At least he’d have a puzzle to figure out—no matter how shallow—while watching. “I suppose Aladren’s been the better team for a few years. All dynasties have to end, but it could have been a one-off. From what I heard, the Pecari Seeker only caught the Snitch last year because of how close he was tailing Dill.”
Barnaby didn’t care for gossip or Quidditch, but that didn’t mean he was unobservant, and he definitely took notice of what was going on around him. Any smart business wizard did that, his father always said. “Do know a lot about Quidditch?” There was always reason to learn, and if he could keep her talking, he could figure out what was different about her…face? Barnaby was pretty certain something there had changed. Were girls’ lips usually that shiny? Only hers seemed abnormally so. Barnaby didn’t make a habit of staring at other people’s lips (unless they were Jax Donovan’s) so he couldn’t be certain.

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