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Gia Donovan
*~*~*Spirit Club Cheering Section*~*~*
Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:06

OOC: This is separate from Aislinn's thread BIC:

Gia was nervous. Today was the first game of the season and everything that she had worked hard on for the Spirit Club would all come into light during this game. It had taken her two months to get through making all of the uniforms. It hadn’t been difficult once she had the pattern she wanted down and the style that everyone wanted. But there were several members of the group to whom she had to create uniforms for and with all of her other responsibilities, she had been slow about getting the uniforms completed.

Since the game was on a cold game, Gia wore the white turtleneck long sleeve shirt beneath the uniform’s vest-like white top (she had opted for the midriff baring top, but some opted to have a full coverage top) and white fleece leggings beneath the white skirt. Because Laila had wanted to make the uniform universal for all houses, Gia had created seams that allowed for different blocks of fabric on the skirt and on the vest. This would help younger years with any color charms that they would need to do (Gia knew that when she was young, being able to distinguish between sections helped her focus on handling the charm).

Her favorite thing and the one that took her the longest to do for all the uniforms was the embroidery of the house crest that she created on badges and then sewed onto the front of all the uniform ‘vest’ tops. The buttons were worked into the design, becoming the boarder down the middle of the crest, instead of working against it. It was very difficult for her to get the animals just right, but she was still practicing the technique and when she had succeeded it, she could just easily remove the badges and replace them with the better works. For now, they were decent enough and people could tell what everything was. It was just the smaller details that were missing. On the back of the tops she had sewn Sonora Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Vasita Quoque Floeat.

Hopefully the other members of the club as well as her school mates could appreciate the work that was put into all of it.

Gia waited on the sidelines for the Spirit Club and watched the stands to see if her brother would show. He hated Quidditch, but since this was a big moment for her as well as for Laila (and because Joella was playing), she hoped that he would be there for support. She also hoped that Chuck and Sutton were up there too. Chuck was always such a good supporter for her and Sutton had been surprisingly helpful to her during a rough time earlier that Gia found herself enjoying the other Pecari more each time they were together.

The Spirit Club had become a big part of Gia’s fifth year at Sonora. It was Laila’s baby, but Gia was sort of her second in command, so whatever Laila needed help with, Gia was there to lend a hand. It was a lot of time and effort to get everyone on board and figure out what they were going to do for the games, but she felt that everyone had such a positive attitude about it all that no matter what they did, they would have fun and make the most of it.

“Does anyone need the heating charm or the color charm?” Gia asked, pulling up her wand to help out wherever she could.

OOC: Mention of Sutton and Gia’s friendship approved by author

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