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AC Sammy Meeks, Beater
Nah, fam, just the normal kind of wicked
Mon Nov 21, 2016 00:14

Welp, she didnít hit Clark. Sammy hadnít really expected to--the Aladren was too good, and he had the good fortune of an Assistant Captain Beater, just like another fabulous team--but it did feel good to spread a little chaos so early on into the game, throw him for a loop. Clark Dill had to be completely off-guard as much as possible if they wanted to win this game. Jamie could definitely do it on his own, she had every faith, but her job was reassurance.

She found it a bit annoying that John Umland sent the same Bludger back toward Jamie. ďReally?Ē she groaned aloud, catching up to deflect it. With a thunderous crack, she redirected the Bludger, once more sending it en route to Clark. Once more, she didnít expect to actually nail him (haha), but she was playing a sort of game with John now, waiting to see who would back down first and send the Bludger somewhere else, at a Chaser or something. Sammy took a brief moment to stare John down, an eyebrow raising daringly.

Still, she rather hoped this showdown would end (obviously in her victory) soon as this being the whole game would be dreadfully boring. At that point, she and John might as well have dismounted brooms and just played catch with a baseball or something as it would achieve the same result. But for now, she would defend her Seeker to her very last ounce of strength. Hopefully, it ran a little deeper than Johnís, or at least deeper than he expected of her. She was a girl, but she was a girl not to be counted out.

  • Wicked cool, my friend.John Umland, Beater, Thu Nov 17 12:17
    John had also not slept well the night before the match, though not because of Pecari. He had had a packet of letters from home, and one of them had included a word search puzzle. This was not, in... more
    • Nah, fam, just the normal kind of wicked — AC Sammy Meeks, Beater, Mon Nov 21 00:14
      • No rest for me thenJamie Park, Seeker, Thu Nov 24 08:28
        Jamie would never admit it to anyone but he was actually feeling kind of nervous. They had a title to defend. That was a very different feeling than being the plucky have-a-go heroes looking to end... more
        • No worries, I'm happy to keep you busy.John Umland, Beater, Thu Nov 24 13:05
          The deflection of his Bludger was unwelcome, but not altogether unexpected. What was unexpected was the glimpse of Meeksí expression John caught as he flew after it again. He had only seen it for a... more
          • You guys have fun.Captain Clark Dill, Seeker, Fri Nov 25 09:52
            Clark returned to the starting point of his pattern and began it again for the second time just as Sammy cracked her bat on the bludger and shot it back his way again. John was there this time,... more
            • Winners usually do. AC Sammy Meeks, Beater, Fri Nov 25 15:57
              Bad news: she was gonna have to back down first from the little game of pseudo-catch she played with John. Jamie needed to mark Clark, which meant sending Bludgers at the Aladren Seekerís face was no ... more
              • Pecaris know how to partyJamie Park, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 03:27
                Jamie was expecting the bludger to be sent hurtling down into the Chaser game (though, as they were dominating with the Quaffle right now, perhaps it was better that it didnít - this fact, however,... more
                • After the game you can write an instruction manual for usClark Dill, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 12:36
                  Clark looked back at the sound of the bat meeting bludger, but it was just Sammy again, and John would take care of that one. Clark kept going. After another few seconds, he glanced back again to see ... more
                  • I prefer to do it my way.John Umland, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:35
                    For a moment, John thought Sammy was, indeed, going to send the Bludger back to him, something he found a little disappointing. The one thing he respected about her House was, after all, that they... more
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