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Tue Nov 22, 2016 00:14

Barnaby Pye. It seemed that she was seeing more of the wizard than she had previously. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that or him for that matter. He was rather intelligent, even by Aladren standards. However, she also tended to feel a mixture of being slightly creeped and nervous around him. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was that gave her that feeling. Maybe it was because he kept looking at her. It tended to make her more nervous though she tended to be a little nervous around people in general. It was so much easier to deal with books than people. However, it was better than being alone at a social event.

Aislinn rubbed her hands on her jeans in an attempt to warm them up a bit. It was a little chilly out, which only served to remind her of how she could be in her nice warm room, a room that she shared with no one else, so it would be quiet, allowing her to work on other academic activities. But Sutton had made a point for why she should be here. She was somewhat disagreeable about that reasoning now though.

Besides, Gia was there to support John. Aislinn frowned at the other girl. She obviously knew how to pull off the entire ‘cute’ thing. Plus, while John might not have been considered a jock per se, he was on the most popular sport in the wizarding world and those on sports ended up with the girls that were the popular cheerleaders such as Gia. Obviously, they were the perfect couple.

She really wanted to leave, but that would have been rude, especially since Barnaby was being nice in answering her question. Perhaps, she had just misjudged him? She wasn’t exactly known for being the best judge of character. Sutton was better at that than her. Where was Sutton anyhow? She looked only to find her sitting elsewhere. Why wouldn’t she have come over? She tried to catch her sister’s eye, but it seemed she was being ignored. Sutton made absolutely no sense. Why would she invite her to the Quidditch match only to leave her alone? Well, she supposed she wasn’t alone since Barnaby was with her…sort of.

Aislinn wasn’t sure what to say when Barnaby asked her if she knew about Quidditch. She had done book research about the sport in the event that she would actually ever have the opportunity to talk to John about it. She supposed this would be good practice and she might learn more for the imaginary conversation that she played in her head. “Not really. I know the basics from what I read. Keeper. Seeker. Chasers. Beaters. Then, four balls in play. Chasers try to score against the Keeper. Beaters try to keep them from scoring. Once the Seeker gets the snitch, the game is over. But I don’t follow the game at all so I couldn’t tell you anything more than that.” She bit her lip, as she watched the game. It seemed more than a little aggressive.

She looked back over to him. “Honestly, I don’t really find the appeal of the game,” she admitted. “I prefer indoor activities.”

  • ResearchingBarnaby Pye, Sat Nov 19 19:36
    Looking out of his bedroom window that morning, Barnaby had been rather excited. He could tell from the condensation on the glass that the air, at least, was cold even if the sun was shining and from ... more
    • Admitting — Aislinn, Tue Nov 22 00:14
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