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Luke Powell, Keeper
Doing the same, but doing it better.
Fri Nov 25, 2016 14:45

Luke knew that the outcome of the game was very important to Joella, and he didn’t doubt that the rest of the team had a lot riding on it too. If they won this match, they got through to the finals and had a shot at winning the Cup. If they didn’t, then that was essentially the end of their Quidditch year.

The first year Pecari enjoyed team practices and had found that it was nice to belong to a team, but the idea of actually competing against other houses excited him. He had always got a thrill out of surfing competitions. Luke knew he was part of a strong team and that made his chances of winning all the more likely, which was certainly a good thing.

Being the youngest member on the team meant that he could quite possibly be the weakest link, although he wasn’t going to assume that was true, so Luke felt as though he had something to prove. Right now, he was a nobody at Sonora but that was sure to change the moment he made his first awesome save today.

And it was going to be awesome, it just had to be. Luke was not a worrier and therefore he did not fret in the lead up to game day. However, when he did finally make his way to the pitch, he felt a few inevitable nerves. This was the first time he’d ever played Quidditch on such a big, not to mention serious, scale and it was bound to be a little bit daunting. The Pecari tried to focus his mind during the warm up and allow the familiar routine to instill his natural confidence.

Joella called them all to join her and he was glad of the quick pep-talk, reminding him that an entire team had his back. It was strange being away from his extended family (in the wider sense of the word), who he was so used to having around him for support, but now he had new friends and he’d discovered that life at Sonora wasn’t half as bad as he might have expected.

The captain sounded so confident and that was a good sign. Joella was good at being positive and supportive like that and Luke had nothing but admiration for how cool his aunt-cousin had grown to be. The first year paid attention to everything the older Pecari said because he still couldn’t wait for when he finally got the chance to fill one of the Beater positions, but knew it was time to really get his head in the right place when she addressed him directly. “Got it,” he grinned and nodded in response to her words of advice.

The Keeper position wasn’t the most active position, unless his team were doing really badly (which was obviously not going to happen), which kind of sucked but Luke was aware that there were upsides and downsides with everything. He’d worked a lot with Joella in preparation for this match and knew how much skill went into playing Keeper. There was no way he was going to suggest that Keepers had it easy when Joella’s sister had been the most amazing (in his mind at least) professional Keeper he’d ever seen.

Luke prepared for take off whilst the captains shook hands, scanning the crowds and trying not to think about how many of the pretty first year girls might be watching him. That was another cool thing about being on the team - the girls were bound to flock to him when they saw how great his was in the air. Although that meant he had to do well… which he could do, Joella Curtis said so!

The whistle blew and he pushed off from the ground eagerly, heading straight for his hoops but glancing behind to watch the action along the way. It was important to know which end the Quaffle was heading for right from the start. Luke shouldn’t have doubted Joella for a second, however, as he saw her speed towards the opposite goals with the Quaffle tucked neatly under one arm. This probably was going to be a quiet match for him then, but that only made winning all the more important because he simply couldn’t complete the term only having been in the one game.

Luke sat up in front of his hoops, observing the whole scene and suddenly feeling very proud. He was only a first year yet he was the Pecari Keeper. It didn’t matter if he hadn’t had much in the way of competition for the spot - this was an achievement and he would so rub it in Zane Kinsell’s face when he got home. Someone had to wipe the smirk of that boy's face every once in awhile, and not always by resorting to violence.

He looked across the pitch at the distant Aladren Keeper. He didn’t expect much from her, even if she was a seventh year (so very old and grown up). And that wasn’t because she was a girl, since his female-dominated team were proof of just how awesome girl players could be. Luke had heard that she was dating the Aladren captain though and that she’d only just joined the team because of that. So he was going to be that star Keeper on the pitch today, that was already a given.

Now he just had to wait patiently for his moment of glory and keep warm in the meantime.

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    • Doing the same, but doing it better. — Luke Powell, Keeper, Fri Nov 25 14:45
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