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AC Sammy Meeks, Beater
Winners usually do.
Fri Nov 25, 2016 15:57

Bad news: she was gonna have to back down first from the little game of pseudo-catch she played with John. Jamie needed to mark Clark, which meant sending Bludgers at the Aladren Seeker’s face was no longer a very viable strategy. Not that it was a good strategy to begin with--any idiot who picked up a bat could probably tell you that much--but she’d been trying to use it to assess John, to see how long she could occupy him, goad him into baa-aa-aad decisions (get it: goad/goat?) But now the game had to end.

Or maybe… modify? Sammy was forming the inklings of an idea. It came on a lot more quickly than it felt, internally a struggle but actually an instant. Sports were like that. You thought you were standing there thinking and planning forever, but you didn’t have forever because the batter was swinging or your teammate was passing or the opponent was tackling. Wizards and witches thought they invented time travel with their little time-turners, but Sammy had a secret: athletes had been doing it for years, slowly time in their minds, spending decades in a second, growing intimate with a moment. It was beautiful.

With a crack of the bat, Sammy sent the returned volley back toward the blue boys over yonder, but not quite at them. The trajectory would miss decidedly, but the hope was that John would follow after. Then Jamie could get back by Clark, with Sammy never too far behind. And speaking of Jamie, she sent him a thumbs up, encouraging him to get back on Clark’s (and, the odds were fair, the Snitch’s) trail.

  • You guys have fun.Captain Clark Dill, Seeker, Fri Nov 25 09:52
    Clark returned to the starting point of his pattern and began it again for the second time just as Sammy cracked her bat on the bludger and shot it back his way again. John was there this time,... more
    • Winners usually do. — AC Sammy Meeks, Beater, Fri Nov 25 15:57
      • Pecaris know how to partyJamie Park, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 03:27
        Jamie was expecting the bludger to be sent hurtling down into the Chaser game (though, as they were dominating with the Quaffle right now, perhaps it was better that it didn’t - this fact, however,... more
        • After the game you can write an instruction manual for usClark Dill, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 12:36
          Clark looked back at the sound of the bat meeting bludger, but it was just Sammy again, and John would take care of that one. Clark kept going. After another few seconds, he glanced back again to see ... more
          • I prefer to do it my way.John Umland, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:35
            For a moment, John thought Sammy was, indeed, going to send the Bludger back to him, something he found a little disappointing. The one thing he respected about her House was, after all, that they... more
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