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Jamie Park, Seeker
Pecaris know how to party
Sat Nov 26, 2016 03:27

Jamie was expecting the bludger to be sent hurtling down into the Chaser game (though, as they were dominating with the Quaffle right now, perhaps it was better that it didn’t - this fact, however, had broadly escaped Jamie’s notice and consideration. A kinder person could call it ‘focus’ on his own position, but there was perhaps a trace of selfishness… A belief that the Chasers and what they were doing was only of secondary importance to him). He was taken by surprise for a second when Sammy appeared to send it back towards Clark and his boyfriend.

Had he been able to read Sammy’s thoughts on the strange nature of time in sports, he would whole heartedly have agreed. He felt, once he realised and leapt into action, that he had sat there far too long, although actually he did need to follow the Bludger at a carefully calculated distance… Sammy had shot to miss - once he followed the trajectory of the shot, he could clearly see that. He knew his girl, and there was no way she was tired yet or that sloppy. If the metal ball wasn’t heading for Clark’s face it was because she meant for it not to. Which gave John a choice…. Let the ball go, and give Jamie time and space to catch up with Clark, or go running after it, and give Jamie time and space to catch up with Clark. He grinned.

“Come with?” he requested of Sammy, returning her thumbs up. John wasn’t slow. Timing was crucial and tricky. If he realised the ball was off course and caught up to it before Jamie was alongside Clark, he’d have a chance to get a clean shot at him. Unless, of course, Sammy was there. There seemed little sense in making a mad dash that broke his cover when he could just take her along with.

“Oh, and if you get a chance to make a shot at Clark, don’t hold back - I can handle myself.” He would prefer not to. It was better to stick like glue to Clark’s side, but if they had a chance to dispose of him completely, that definitely worked to their advantage too.

He began to head for Clark, though he took a diagonal away from the Bludger to do so.

  • Winners usually do. AC Sammy Meeks, Beater, Fri Nov 25 15:57
    Bad news: she was gonna have to back down first from the little game of pseudo-catch she played with John. Jamie needed to mark Clark, which meant sending Bludgers at the Aladren Seeker’s face was no ... more
    • Pecaris know how to party — Jamie Park, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 03:27
      • After the game you can write an instruction manual for usClark Dill, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 12:36
        Clark looked back at the sound of the bat meeting bludger, but it was just Sammy again, and John would take care of that one. Clark kept going. After another few seconds, he glanced back again to see ... more
        • I prefer to do it my way.John Umland, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:35
          For a moment, John thought Sammy was, indeed, going to send the Bludger back to him, something he found a little disappointing. The one thing he respected about her House was, after all, that they... more
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