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Louis Valois, Beater
If a Pecari, better never
Sat Nov 26, 2016 16:01 (XFF:,

Ingrid managed to neatly avoid Louisís bludger and, whilst he was glad not to cause any injuries, this was Quidditch and Louis could be a rather competitive player. Ingridís barrel-roll meant his attempt at sabotage by bludger had failed and, even worse, that Ben had possession once more. Getting into a rally of sorts like was really the worst part of beating (this was meant to be Quidditch, not swivenhodge!), and the problem was only exacerbated by the allocation of beater roles that was popular in Sonora Quidditch. Still, Ben couldnít hang on to the bludger forever, despite his attempts to seemingly do so, and therefore Louis would soon be able to have another crack (pun intended) at the Pecari chasers.

As soon as heíd hit the bludger, Louis had followed along behind its general course. As such, he was in a good position when Ben hit it, and was ready for action. Keeping ready for Benís hit meant that he managed to swerve in time to get between the bludger and the Aladren chaser who was in need of protection. A grin came to his face. He knew what his next move was, and with all of his strength and determination he hit the ball straight at Joella Curtis. There were no Quaffle politics behind this, simply the fact that Joella was by far the strongest of the Pecari chasers. He might be confident that Clark would catch the snitch, but the Aladrens werenít as strong on the chaser front. With Joella out of the game Ė or at least distracted, he wasnít going to get ahead of himself Ė it would give the Aladren chasers an advantage. Mind already moving on to think of his next play, he willed the bludger to catch her by surprise.

Now he was bludgerless once more, the temptation was to have a look at the seekers and other beaters, to see how they were doing, but he resisted. His three years as a chaser had reinforced the importance of focussing solely on his aspect of the game, and he wasnít going to drop that habit now his role had changed. Of course, he did have to keep an eye on the other bludger (if given the perfect opportunity, he would definitely have a go at Park), but he didnít let the battle for the snitch distract him. Noting the current position of both bludgers, he moved once more into a fairly central position, so as to be ready to protect all his chasers and respond to Benís next move.

  • Glad you think soBen Pierce, Beater, Sat Nov 26 13:17
    Ben watched as his bludger successfully scare the smallest of the Aladren chasers off course, opening up a passing opportunity. He didn't watch to see if it was taken, but instead followed the... more
    • If a Pecari, better never — Louis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:01
      • Never underestimate a Pecari.Cpt Joella Curtis, Chaser, Sat Nov 26 18:29
        Joella could breathe again once Ingrid was safely on her way with the Quaffle. The younger girl did a good job of making the catch and dodging a bludger pretty much simultaneously. The captain sped... more
        • Yeah, what she said.Luke Powell, Keeper, Sat Nov 26 18:43
          Luke weaved through his hoops with ease, handling his broom so casually and confidently. He was a natural sportsman and he liked training hard so Quidditch worked out nicely for him. The first year... more
          • I beg to differLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 19:09
            Annoyingly, Joella had manoeuvred her way out of a nasty bludger accident (well, not that he was actually wishing bodily harm upon the older chaser), but at least Louisís actions had made sure she... more
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