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Farrah Welsh
What was I thinking?
Sat Nov 26, 2016 16:14

Farrah stood nervously by the other Spirit Club members who were participating in the cheerleading part of the club. When she had first been given the option of designing how her outfit would look, Farrah had jumped at the chance to have the vest where the midriff was showing. She had no idea why she had chosen that. Farrah knew her parents would be furious with her if they knew she was walking around in a cheerleading outfit where her stomach was out in full display, but Farrah wanted to fit in with everyone else. It wasn’t like she was pretty or had much to look at anyway, so no one would notice her next to the older girls. At the time, it had felt like the right idea.

Then Farrah tried the outfit on.

What had she been thinking? People were going to laugh at her! She was pale, too skinny, and nothing worth looking at. She thought she would at least resemble the girls back home who wore these that were her age, but no, she just looked like a wannabe. People were going to laugh at her for sure. At least the first game of the season was when the weather was colder out so she could wear her white turtle neck and her white leggings and cover up her pale skin and lame abdomen.

Farrah quietly scanned the stands to see if Georgia or Kellen had come to the game. She knew that Georgia didn’t really support her in this club, feeling like she was probably trying to become a mean girl or something, but she wanted her friend to be there and see that it wasn’t so bad. Everyone seemed really nice and Farrah wasn’t about to change herself for anyone. She didn’t back when she was being bullied and she wouldn’t now. She wasn’t sure if Kellen would come simply because there were a lot of people and she knew he wasn’t a fan of social things, but she felt the same way about wanting him here as she did Georgia. They were her best friends, after all. She wanted to share this with them too.

Farrah shook her head when asked if she needed the heating charm or the color charm. Those were charms that she knew how to do! Her uniform was blue since she was an Aladren, but if either Laila or Gia needed her to change it to brown, she had no issue with doing so. As for heating, she felt nice and warm in her outfit, despite how thin it actually felt. Magic was pretty cool sometimes. Weird, but cool.

  • *~*~*Spirit Club Cheering Section*~*~*Gia Donovan, Sun Nov 20 12:06
    OOC: This is separate from Aislinn's thread BIC: Gia was nervous. Today was the first game of the season and everything that she had worked hard on for the Spirit Club would all come into light... more
    • What was I thinking? — Farrah Welsh, Sat Nov 26 16:14
      • I don't know, that you wanted to have a good time?Laila Kennedy, Sun Nov 27 02:04
        “You did a fantastic job, Gia!” Laila had gushed to her friend the first time she’d seen the cheerleading outfits, and as Laila stood in front of her mirror admiring the uniform Gia had put together, ... more
        • Here to cheer!Ayla Tremaine, Mon Nov 28 17:01
          Ayla wasn’t much of a Quidditch fan, but she wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to show her school spirit and support her friends. It helped that she got to wear her super cute cheer outfit... more
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