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John Umland, Beater
I prefer to do it my way.
Sat Nov 26, 2016 16:35

For a moment, John thought Sammy was, indeed, going to send the Bludger back to him, something he found a little disappointing. The one thing he respected about her House was, after all, that they played well, and continuing this game with him was not smart for her. John was nearly sure that, barring something weird, she would wear out before he would if they kept it up. This made tennis wholly detrimental to her.

Then, though, he realized the trajectory was all wrong. Either she had gotten tired far, far faster than he had expected or she was trying to lure him into a trap. Probably the latter.

Instinct said to chase the Bludger. She probably knew this. It was natural - just as Chasers and Seekers were trained to flee Bludgers at all cost, Beaters trained to not mind being near them, to go after them aggressively. Therefore, going after it was probably what Sammy wanted him to do...if she was thinking. Was she thinking? He cursed his failure to teach himself Legilimency. It would be dead useful, both on the Pitch and in life….

Irrelevant. He dismissed the thought in favor of noting Clark’s position. Was going back to Plan A feasible? He bit his lip, then went toward the Bludger.

What to do with it, though? If he smacked it back toward Meeks, he wore her down and gave Clark a moment to set up his move. Unless she just hit it in a completely different direction next and it took him so long to retrieve it that it ruined the plan. However, it looked like the best way to possibly separate her from Park, which would increase the odds of success. Another downside was that the Pecaris would think he was stupid, at least for a minute or so, but….

He checked Clark’s position again and deflected the Bludger, hitting it a little further away from the Seekers and following it. Let the Pecaris think he was backing off and just trying to keep the Bludger away from everyone while he was preparing to loop around and hit Park in the face the minute Clark was ready.

  • After the game you can write an instruction manual for usClark Dill, Seeker, Sat Nov 26 12:36
    Clark looked back at the sound of the bat meeting bludger, but it was just Sammy again, and John would take care of that one. Clark kept going. After another few seconds, he glanced back again to see ... more
    • I prefer to do it my way. — John Umland, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:35
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