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Cpt Joella Curtis, Chaser
Never underestimate a Pecari.
Sat Nov 26, 2016 18:29

Joella could breathe again once Ingrid was safely on her way with the Quaffle. The younger girl did a good job of making the catch and dodging a bludger pretty much simultaneously.

The captain sped forward so that she was ready to back up her teammate whenever she needed it. Joella always made sure she had the best broom about and she never forgot to include flying drills in her training. There were a number of aspects of flying and skills that could be built upon and built upon to improve speed, control and all-round efficiency, to name but a few key elements of flying as a Chaser.

As it turned, right now that was all very important because the sound of a bludger whistling through the wind alerted her that it was headed her way. Joella made a split-second decision and directed her broom towards the ground way beneath her, shooting downwards at a steep angle.

Travelling fast, she switched her flight direction again by sharply heading back up higher in the air with the hopes that the speed of the bludger would cause it to plummet into the ground. With any luck, Ben would have noticed and be ready to redirect it on the rebound. Joella’s next move was to whizz right underneath one of the Aladren Chasers on her way to higher altitude for extra measures, so that if she hadn’t already lost the bludger she would now have tricked it into changing target.

Joella’s bludger-dodging circus act seemed to have done the trick but she was in no position to receive Ingrid’s pass. She didn’t lose location of the Quaffle, however, and hoped that it would land swiftly in Lily’s arms, only for Joella to snatch it up right before entering the scoring area… which would actually work out rather well. But right now that was getting ahead of herself and she pushed forward to get in a prime position to be ready to support her teammates, keeping herself on the lookout for anymore of those pesky bludgers (not that they were so much pesky as challenging and exciting).

  • If a Pecari, better neverLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 16:01
    Ingrid managed to neatly avoid Louis’s bludger and, whilst he was glad not to cause any injuries, this was Quidditch and Louis could be a rather competitive player. Ingrid’s barrel-roll meant his... more
    • Never underestimate a Pecari. — Cpt Joella Curtis, Chaser, Sat Nov 26 18:29
      • Yeah, what she said.Luke Powell, Keeper, Sat Nov 26 18:43
        Luke weaved through his hoops with ease, handling his broom so casually and confidently. He was a natural sportsman and he liked training hard so Quidditch worked out nicely for him. The first year... more
        • I beg to differLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 19:09
          Annoyingly, Joella had manoeuvred her way out of a nasty bludger accident (well, not that he was actually wishing bodily harm upon the older chaser), but at least Louis’s actions had made sure she... more
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