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Luke Powell, Keeper
Yeah, what she said.
Sat Nov 26, 2016 18:43

Luke weaved through his hoops with ease, handling his broom so casually and confidently. He was a natural sportsman and he liked training hard so Quidditch worked out nicely for him.

The first year kept a good eye on the game as instructed, whilst he ensured that he didn’t get cold waiting around at his end of the pitch. Lena was certainly going to get all the action, but the thing he was most envious about was the bludgers flying about and those loud smacks against the Beaters’ bats.

“Oh yeah! Go Pecari!” he whooped, momentarily hovering still and punching the air with his fist as he watched two of the Chasers dodge enemy bludgers. He wasn’t sure why he felt the need to be so vocal, especially since they were so far away and the effect of the wind meant they probably wouldn’t hear, but perhaps he wanted to remind those pretty girls in the stands that he was still here and very much part of the Pecari team even if he was going to have to be patient about having his turn in the spotlight.

Luke rubbed his gloved hands together and then grabbed hold of his broom and returned to his method of maintaining a comfortable body temperature. He spun around and upside-down and switched directions going through his hoops, putting on a little show of his own because the adrenaline of being in his first match needed to be exerted some way or other.

The rookie knew he was supposed to be focusing on the match but the Quaffle was safely in Pecari possession in the Aladren half of the pitch now and he’d have plenty of time to position himself if that suddenly changed. There was no harm in having a little fun to pass the time. The last thing Luke wanted this game to be was boring.

  • Never underestimate a Pecari.Cpt Joella Curtis, Chaser, Sat Nov 26 18:29
    Joella could breathe again once Ingrid was safely on her way with the Quaffle. The younger girl did a good job of making the catch and dodging a bludger pretty much simultaneously. The captain sped... more
    • Yeah, what she said. — Luke Powell, Keeper, Sat Nov 26 18:43
      • I beg to differLouis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 19:09
        Annoyingly, Joella had manoeuvred her way out of a nasty bludger accident (well, not that he was actually wishing bodily harm upon the older chaser), but at least Louis’s actions had made sure she... more
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