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Louis Valois, Beater
I beg to differ
Sat Nov 26, 2016 19:09 (XFF:,

Annoyingly, Joella had manoeuvred her way out of a nasty bludger accident (well, not that he was actually wishing bodily harm upon the older chaser), but at least Louisís actions had made sure she couldnít be the recipient of Ingridís pass. That left Lily Spencer, the youngest and most inexperienced Pecari chaser, as the only possible option for Ingrid to pass to, thus increasing the chances of Aladren gaining possession. Kit might be new to the game, but both Jack and Arianna were experienced (Jack much more so, but Louis had confidence in both of his old chaser buddies), and there was a high chance that they would manage to successfully intercept either this pass or Lilyís following one. Hopefully that would mean Aladren would regain possession of the Quaffle before it got near the goal hoops. Louis didnít doubt Lenaís ability, but it was always much less stressful if the Quaffle didnít make it within scoring range.

But the interception hadnít quite happened yet, and at no point could Louis afford to relax. He was not going to give Pecari the upper hand if he could help it! He considered diving after his bludger, but knew that would be both unsuccessful and a waste of time. Despite his confidence and experience on a broom, he wasnít faster than a ball of metal falling quickly to the ground, especially when it had such a head start whilst he was still at the initial point of its trajectory. Let Ben do the running around for now, which would hopefully tire the younger boy out a little. Louis was ready to defend his chasers and take back possession of the bludger, which would maybe lead to another shot at Joella, or Ingrid. If he could just take one of them out, that would be perfectÖ

Come on, Aladren! he thought to himself, grinning a little as he mentally urged the Aladren chasers on. It was great to be in the air again, playing a match. He always forgot quite how much he loved Quidditch, and training was no substitute for a real game.

  • Yeah, what she said.Luke Powell, Keeper, Sat Nov 26 18:43
    Luke weaved through his hoops with ease, handling his broom so casually and confidently. He was a natural sportsman and he liked training hard so Quidditch worked out nicely for him. The first year... more
    • I beg to differ — Louis Valois, Beater, Sat Nov 26 19:09
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