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Laila Kennedy
I don't know, that you wanted to have a good time?
Sun Nov 27, 2016 02:04

“You did a fantastic job, Gia!” Laila had gushed to her friend the first time she’d seen the cheerleading outfits, and as Laila stood in front of her mirror admiring the uniform Gia had put together, she stood by it. She had wanted one of those midriff baring tops that Gia had made for herself and a couple of the other girls on the squad, but she had been too embarrassed to show off that much skin in front of the student body. At home it was a little different—girls went around town in skimpy outfits all the time but here everyone covered up and wore cloaks and robes and all sorts of other bulky things. And besides, Laila didn’t want to send home pictures to her mom and deal with the scolding of a lifetime.

Apparently baring ones’ midriff for a Muggle high school sports team was a much more appropriate display of skin than for a wizarding Quidditch team. Whatever logic was there, Laila couldn’t find and so she had asked Gia for the more modest version of the uniform and as she walked up to the pitch, she was grateful she had. It was a little chilly out and she smiled at Gia who was wearing Pecari brown and offering to help others with heating and color charms.

As the spectators gathered to watch the match and the Spirit Club members who had wanted to cheer were present, Laila gathered them around her and Gia for a pre-game pep talk. “Thanks all for coming,” she said with a large smile, her brown ponytail with it’s curls swinging as she turned her head to look at everyone. Today she had a blue ribbon tying her hair up, blue for Aladren since Gia was a Pecari and obviously wanted to support her house and best friend. Laila and Gia had decided that at each match, they would split the house colors between them so neither was ever cheering for the same team. Laila wanted to be sure that the other members had a leader to lead them and also that the Spirit Club was equally supporting the two teams playing. When Crotalus played then Laila would wear red and Gia the color of the team they were playing.

“I know it’s a little chilly, but we’re still going to do fabulously and try to keep everyone’s spirits up for the game! I have some face paint if there’s a particular player you wanted to support but couldn’t because you ended up with the colors of the other team, or for anyone, really,” she explained, holding up a couple of black facepaint sticks. She herself had written ‘#4’ for Sammy’s favorite number on each of her upper cheekbones just under her eye since she was in blue. “Of course the main point is to have fun, and afterwards we’ll have a little party with some treats and juice to celebrate out first match as Spirit Club. Go, Sonora!” She sort of shouted this last part, her right fist raising in a cheerleader-esque move that she had seen many, many times during the various games she’d watched back home over the years.

OOC: The colors regarding Gia and Laila were worked out OOC with Gia’s author.

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    Farrah stood nervously by the other Spirit Club members who were participating in the cheerleading part of the club. When she had first been given the option of designing how her outfit would look,... more
    • I don't know, that you wanted to have a good time? — Laila Kennedy, Sun Nov 27 02:04
      • Here to cheer!Ayla Tremaine, Mon Nov 28 17:01
        Ayla wasn’t much of a Quidditch fan, but she wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to show her school spirit and support her friends. It helped that she got to wear her super cute cheer outfit... more
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