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Ayla Tremaine
Here to cheer!
Mon Nov 28, 2016 17:01

Ayla wasn’t much of a Quidditch fan, but she wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to show her school spirit and support her friends. It helped that she got to wear her super cute cheer outfit that Gia Donovan had made for her. She’d decided to go with the more modest option, even though she really liked how the other girls looked in the shorter uniforms. Ayla had considered it, at length, and decided she didn’t want her parents to somehow find out about it that she was showing off her tummy. Maybe she’d change her mind when she got older.

For this match, she’d chosen to sport Aladren blue, even though it felt a little weird not to be in Teppenpaw yellow. It wasn’t a hard choice though, Kit and Amelia were both on the blue team, not to mention Louis. It only seemed right for her to cheer them on. The petite blonde made her way to the rest of the group with her hair pulled back into a sleek high ponytail that was adorned with a big blue bow. She’d managed to charm her outfit the right shade of blue, and was feeling pretty proud of herself on top of her overall excitement for their first game of the season.

“Hi Farrah!” Ayla said with a smile as she took her place beside the older girl and Laila began her pep talk. She had the color part down, but the first year witch thought she might need to take Gia up on the heating charm. She hadn’t thought to wear warm clothes beneath her outfit, though she probably should have. At least now she knew to be better prepared for next time. The idea of face paint was interesting, but she declined as she was wearing the color of the people she wanted to support. The after party was definitely exciting though--assuming Aladren won of course!

“Go Sonora!” Ayla cheered, echoing Laila’s sentiment before approaching Gia about the warming charm. Her legs and arms were covered in goosebumps, but she wasn’t unbearably chilly yet. She knew from watching Aunt Astrid play that matches could go on for a while though, so she definitely needed some help.

“Excuse me, Gia? Could you remind me of the heating charm? Please? The uniforms are beautiful by the way! Thank you so much for making them, you’re very talented.”

  • I don't know, that you wanted to have a good time?Laila Kennedy, Sun Nov 27 02:04
    “You did a fantastic job, Gia!” Laila had gushed to her friend the first time she’d seen the cheerleading outfits, and as Laila stood in front of her mirror admiring the uniform Gia had put together, ... more
    • Here to cheer! — Ayla Tremaine, Mon Nov 28 17:01
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