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Tobi Reinhardt, Beater
Liac for president.
Thu Dec 29, 2016 20:56

Tobi had never been one for competition. He thought it had it’s place in life—after all, things had to compete to survive and if nothing competed then the delicate balance of the ecosystem would be upset and then where would they all be? But he personally never found much joy in beating others. Perhaps that was why he had only joined Quidditch in order to support his cousin, Liac, who had wanted to play. He had been a beater for the Teppalus team, something he would always be grateful for since he had liked the inter-house support it created and he was now a beater for Teppenpaw. He was still proud to wear Teppenpaw yellow—after all, what better traits were there than cooperation and kindness?, but it didn’t mean the same thing.

As he walked up to the Pitch with Liac, he smiled to himself, thinking about past matches against the Crotalus team shortly after splitting. It was no secret that he and Liac did not get along well with the Crotalus Captain, and although Arne cooperated with Alistair Johnson because of House and team loyalty, Tobi knew his younger brother found the other boy to be full of himself. But he had been close with other members of the team—working with Crotalus on that team together at the beginning had drawn him close to Uzume Shinohara, someone who he didn’t think he’d normally have gotten along with, them being just so different from each other. But through her pranks and sarcastic attitude he could see she did have a heart and for that he liked her. He could still remember when he had to face off her that first time, back in the days when her presence had made his stomach flip.

This crush had faded into friendship, and he had a new source of butterflies—funnily enough in yet another female, Crotalus player. Yet Makenzie Newell and Shino could not be farther apart. Shino had this brash, tough way about her. Tobi never had to worry about her, he just did because they were friends, but he knew she could take care of herself. Makenzie, he felt, tried to portray the same image but for some reason with her, he just didn’t buy it. They were both from the society pureblood cloth—one from Michigan and the other Japan, but they were not the same at all. If Shino was a brightly colored silk, woven from strong silkworms, Makenzie was cashmere, soft and unassuming. The differences between the two were astounding but he couldn’t help it if Makenzie with her bright red hair was now the one to make his tanned cheeks flush.

He looked across the way at her, getting ready with Crotalus team, and thought about winter break. They had really only just solidified their friendship that fall, but she had already spent the winter holidays in their tiny family cabin, magically enlarged at this point to a teetering four story wood house on the edge of their small town, a house which only Laila Kennedy had ever visited before. It was weird having her there, he had moved back in with Arne for the break, letting Makenzie have the alcove he’d taken over as his own after the expansion. But everyone seemed to like her—even Matti who Tobi knew could be difficult hadn’t had anything horrible to say to Tobi when they’d said their last goodbyes and he grinned to himself, glad that they had all gotten along.

Lost in thought, he nearly missed the start of Liac’s captain speech, but he tuned back in time to catch it. What kind of best friend and number one fan would he have been if he didn’t pay attention to Liac when he was talking? A rotten one, that’s who. He had always liked listening to Liac’s speeches over Alistairs when they were Teppalus. Alistair had always just kind of assumed authority and Liac was too nice to butt heads over it, but Tobi found Alistair’s approach to the game rather off-putting. Liac was there to have fun, Alistair was there to win. Tobi was there because he loved Liac.

After Professor Skies blew the whistle, Tobi scanned the air for bludgers, making sure to keep an eye out for his younger teammates. He and Liac worked so seamlessly together there had never been any need to assign each other specific roles. When Alistair had done it neither had really listened, they had just worked together, using their cousinly telepathy to be there when the other one couldn’t, to do double-plays and to support each other. Their telepathy still worked, and Tobi hung back so that Liac could aim a bludger towards a Crotalus Chaser, waiting to make sure Liac could catch the rebound if a Crotalus Beater got there in time.

A whizzing by his ear caught his attention, and he turned his gaze away to see the other Bludger, he rather thought if he sped up just right he might be able to angle it away from the players in yellow and hopefully towards and unsuspecting Crotalus. He moved towards it, preparing himself for the swing, lining up so that the Bludger would fly into his bat and he could use the Bludger’s own force to redirect towards the opposing team. It was something he had worked on for awhile, something he needed to hit just right or he would throw out his entire arm. He winced even before he made contact with the Bludger. A split second too late. He would probably be fine—it wasn’t anything too serious to worry about just yet, but he hadn’t hit the Bludger with his bat’s sweet spot and he had thrown himself just a little too much into that hit.

The bludger sped towards a second Crotalus Chaser, and Tobi congratulated himself for at least having gotten the direction right. Now, he’d just have to massage his shoulder for a few seconds and hope a Crotalus Beater didn’t intervene in the time it got him to feeling like everything was in it’s proper socket.

  • Liac is good like that.Joseph Umland, Chaser, Thu Dec 29 17:56
    Teppenpaw was somehow, due to the peculiarities of magical and, Joe supposed, mansion architecture, far from any natural windows, but somehow, Joe had known it was going to be cold outside from the... more
    • Liac for president. — Tobi Reinhardt, Beater, Thu Dec 29 20:56
      • Picking on the little guys. Not very Teppish of you.Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Dec 30 09:06
        Winston was oddly nervous. He knew Teppenpaw was the least frightening of the teams they might have had to go up against for his first match but that almost made it worse. What if they lost to... more
        • Who wants to be Teppish, anyway? (Watch out, seeker!)Sébastien Évreux, Beater, Fri Dec 30 12:22
          Yet again, Sébastien Évreux had made the potential mistake of signing up to play Quidditch. However, his initial concerns of being passed over had proved unfounded, and once again he could say he was ... more
          • Watching out!Jake Manger, Seeker, Thu Jan 5 23:29
            “Welp, this is it,” Jake told his reflection in his bathroom mirror. “Your last game Maybe. Probably.” He gave a noncommittal squint and shrug to the idea. “It doesn’t have to be. Now, you’ve never... more
            • Got your back!Tobi Reinhardt, Beater, Sun Jan 8 14:48
              The moment he had miscalculated the time it would take to swing and hit that bludger, Tobi had known it would come back to haunt him. Luckily Jake was aware enough to pull up from where the young... more
              • You should watch yours...Arne Reinhardt, Beater, Sun Jan 8 15:35
                The showdown between Teppenpaw and Crotalus had been something Arne'd been waiting for since, well since he let Alistair Johnson of the Arizona Johnsons sign him up for Quidditch back in his first... more
        • Beaters do have the toughest jobNat Varth, Chaser , Fri Dec 30 10:53
          As Nat heard a crack and the familiar whir of a bludger getting too close to comfort the quaffle seemed heavier in her hands. She needed to pass, just as soon as she got a little farther. Another... more
          • I'd say we're all working pretty hard.Makenzie Newell, Keeper, Mon Jan 2 17:55
            It was odd to wake up for a Quidditch match and not have silky black hair presented to her for braiding. Shino’s decision not to play Quidditch this year had thrown Makenzie for a loop - admittedly,... more
            • I will agree with you on that.Joe Umland, Chaser, Tue Jan 3 15:55
              There had been a small Crotalus (Joe didn’t know which was which) doing something that looked like trying to interfere with Nat’s ability to pass, but then there was the crack of a bat and the... more
              • I'm not doing much yet, honestly.Ginger Pierce, Wed Jan 4 12:49
                Ginger was glad the worst of the fallout over her Keeper get togethers had largely passed. She suspected Alistair still wasn't entirely pleased about it, but they had largely made up after the... more
                • Can I do nothing please?Jozua Sparks, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 14:03
                  It had happened again. Fortunately, this time, Liac was perfectly healthy and Jozua would not be required to handle a bat in the Captain's place, but he was taking over for one of the chasers who... more
                  • That suits me.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 18:27
                    Quidditch provided a pedestal which made Daniel known in the school and he liked that about it. He liked the idea of people knowing his name and furthermore, these people (especially girls) admiring... more
                    • Can I join him?Simon Mordue, Chaser, Sat Jan 7 10:46
                      Time did not seem to run normally on the Quidditch Pitch. To Simon, it had seemed to go very fast as he fled the Bludger, but then it had slowed to a crawl as he gathered himself, swallowing... more
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