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Winston Pierce, Chaser
Picking on the little guys. Not very Teppish of you.
Fri Dec 30, 2016 09:06

Winston was oddly nervous. He knew Teppenpaw was the least frightening of the teams they might have had to go up against for his first match but that almost made it worse. What if they lost to Teppenpaw? What would that mean for Crotalus?

Jake Manger had been doing his Seeking thing longer than Alistair had, by what Winston could gather. Winston, of course, had utmost faith in his own captain, though, so that was Alistair's worry not his. But even assuming the snitch went their way, Teppenpaw's chasers were all third years, while only one of Crotalus' was; Winston and Simon were both only first years. Two years wasn't a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but they were pretty critical when it was the difference between two years experience and none.

All of a sudden, half a year of practices and some Quaffle tossing with Uncle Duesius no longer felt like sufficient prerequisites for what he was about to embark upon. Unfortunately, Crotalus had no reserves so even though he genuinely felt ill, sitting the match out was not an option. He might do horribly as a Chaser out there in a real match, but not playing meant his House would need to forfeit and then it really would be his fault they lost. That was not happening.

So he put on his bravest face and went out to the pitch, his new top-of-the-line broomstick, barely broken in after receiving it as a gift for Christmas, perched jauntily over his shoulder to show just how not nervous he was. It only teetered a little bit as his hands shook, but he was counting on that being mistaken for cold. It was definitely chilly, possibly even approaching cold, even to a New Hampshire mountain dweller, but it had to hit negative double digits Fahrenheit before he considered it frigid enough to excuse visible shaking while wearing heavy winter clothing beneath his Quidditch robes as well as a sensible hat and gloves (the kind with treads so he could actually grip the Quaffle while wearing them).

Unfortunately, the shaking didn't lessen much even after Captain Johnson gave him a warming charm, so there went that excuse. He tried to steady himself and look determined rather than terrified, but it probably didn't work given that Alistair seemed to feel the need to assign the stronger beater to them, advise against panic passes, and clarify that he wouldn't kill them if Teppenpaw scored. It was less than reassuring.

Obviously, he wouldn't kill them. If he killed them he wouldn't have enough players for the next game. There were worse things than death. It was those that Winston feared if Teppenpaw completely dominated the Quaffle as he was fearing they might. And he noted there had been no assurances about what wouldn't happen if Crotalus didn't score at all.

He shifted from foot to foot, hoping that moving on purpose would reduce the amount of involuntary motion his excess of adrenaline was causing. It did seem to help a little, but it apparently also drew attention because Captain Johnson seemed to think it necessary to tell it was okay to be nervous.

Well, that was good at least, since Johnson had clearly sniffed out the weakness he'd been working so hard to hide from him. Winston nodded, deciding further prevarication was counterproductive, and just hoped his voice didn't squeak as his said, "I'll try my best, captain." It did squeak, but only a little, and maybe he'd just think Winston was starting to have his voice mature?

Not entirely consoled, but determined to prove himself anyway, and glad of clear instructions for what to do immediately following the whistle, Winston mounted his broom and was ready to go as Skies started them off.

He launched into the air flawlessly, as flying was the one Quidditch skill he was confident about. Plus, the first shrill note of the whistle was like a release, allowed him to finally give in to his need for fight or flight. Flight was the obvious literal choice today, and he moved out toward Ginger Pierce, getting ready for a pass from Daniel. He looked back to try to judge where Crotalus' lead chaser might need him to be.

No such luck. Teppenpaw had the ball.

He turned around and started back, eyes widening as he saw Simon already evading a bludger. He directed his broom in his roommate's direction, harboring some vague idea of helping or maybe covering his position while Simon was distracted.

Before he got there though, the non-captain Teppenpaw Reinhardt was whacking the bludger that just missed Simon at him!

Winston let out a manly yelp and turned his broom around again, bravely running away from this new threat and hoping his own Reinhardt did something about his relatives soon.

And maybe, with a bit a luck, he and Simon would have kept the bludgers busy enough that Daniel could get in and snatch the Quaffle undisturbed once Natalie passes it.

  • Liac for president. Tobi Reinhardt, Beater, Thu Dec 29 20:56
    Tobi had never been one for competition. He thought it had it’s place in life—after all, things had to compete to survive and if nothing competed then the delicate balance of the ecosystem would be... more
    • Picking on the little guys. Not very Teppish of you. — Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Dec 30 09:06
      • Who wants to be Teppish, anyway? (Watch out, seeker!)Sébastien Évreux, Beater, Fri Dec 30 12:22
        Yet again, Sébastien Évreux had made the potential mistake of signing up to play Quidditch. However, his initial concerns of being passed over had proved unfounded, and once again he could say he was ... more
        • Watching out!Jake Manger, Seeker, Thu Jan 5 23:29
          “Welp, this is it,” Jake told his reflection in his bathroom mirror. “Your last game Maybe. Probably.” He gave a noncommittal squint and shrug to the idea. “It doesn’t have to be. Now, you’ve never... more
          • Got your back!Tobi Reinhardt, Beater, Sun Jan 8 14:48
            The moment he had miscalculated the time it would take to swing and hit that bludger, Tobi had known it would come back to haunt him. Luckily Jake was aware enough to pull up from where the young... more
            • You should watch yours...Arne Reinhardt, Beater, Sun Jan 8 15:35
              The showdown between Teppenpaw and Crotalus had been something Arne'd been waiting for since, well since he let Alistair Johnson of the Arizona Johnsons sign him up for Quidditch back in his first... more
      • Beaters do have the toughest jobNat Varth, Chaser , Fri Dec 30 10:53
        As Nat heard a crack and the familiar whir of a bludger getting too close to comfort the quaffle seemed heavier in her hands. She needed to pass, just as soon as she got a little farther. Another... more
        • I'd say we're all working pretty hard.Makenzie Newell, Keeper, Mon Jan 2 17:55
          It was odd to wake up for a Quidditch match and not have silky black hair presented to her for braiding. Shino’s decision not to play Quidditch this year had thrown Makenzie for a loop - admittedly,... more
          • I will agree with you on that.Joe Umland, Chaser, Tue Jan 3 15:55
            There had been a small Crotalus (Joe didn’t know which was which) doing something that looked like trying to interfere with Nat’s ability to pass, but then there was the crack of a bat and the... more
            • I'm not doing much yet, honestly.Ginger Pierce, Wed Jan 4 12:49
              Ginger was glad the worst of the fallout over her Keeper get togethers had largely passed. She suspected Alistair still wasn't entirely pleased about it, but they had largely made up after the... more
              • Can I do nothing please?Jozua Sparks, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 14:03
                It had happened again. Fortunately, this time, Liac was perfectly healthy and Jozua would not be required to handle a bat in the Captain's place, but he was taking over for one of the chasers who... more
                • That suits me.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 18:27
                  Quidditch provided a pedestal which made Daniel known in the school and he liked that about it. He liked the idea of people knowing his name and furthermore, these people (especially girls) admiring... more
                  • Can I join him?Simon Mordue, Chaser, Sat Jan 7 10:46
                    Time did not seem to run normally on the Quidditch Pitch. To Simon, it had seemed to go very fast as he fled the Bludger, but then it had slowed to a crawl as he gathered himself, swallowing... more
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