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Makenzie Newell, Keeper
I'd say we're all working pretty hard.
Mon Jan 2, 2017 17:55

It was odd to wake up for a Quidditch match and not have silky black hair presented to her for braiding. Shinoís decision not to play Quidditch this year had thrown Makenzie for a loop - admittedly, she was a bit disappointed by it. She had always been closer to Araceli, her very best friend, but it was nice having something to share with their other roommate. Plus her quitting left Makenzie as the only girl on the team, which was more than a little bit intimidating.

So she got up, got dressed, and had only her own hair to braid, condensing waves of fire into a single whip. Makenzie glanced at her reflection, always a bit startled by how she looked with her hair up and in her uniform, like a Real Athlete, and paused there for a moment. She had friends on the other side now, with Tobi and Ginger competing for Teppenpaw, and although she was grateful they were not positions that would directly interact with her, it felt odd to route for different outcomes.

She allowed herself a substantial breakfast before heading to the Pitch, pleased with herself for the rare decision of coffee that now kept her insides a little bit warmer against todayís harsh cold. Warming charms helped, as did their warm-up exercises, but the sixth year still expected to be cold as she sat mostly idle in front of the hoops. Alistair reiterated the fact, reminding her to keep her hands warm. His apparent confidence in her went a long way to helping her try to find confidence in herself: maybe she did have this.

For the sake of competition, she didnít dare wave to her Teppenpaw friends, although she couldnít suppress a genuine smile in Tobiís direction. She let it spread to Ginger, too. But Professor Skies was serious about getting down to business, and immediately they were in the air.

The Teppenpaws got the Quaffle first. Their girl Chaser was charging hard down in Makenzieís direction, holding onto the ball way longer than she expected. Bludgers whizzed by, aimed mostly at Crotalus players, and she wondered where Arne was and if heíd get there soon. But, she supposed, that wasnít her duty or her problem. Makenzie for now just looped between the rings, trying to keep herself warm as she alternated which hand held onto the broom so the other could hide in her robes. The girl Chaser passed, and Makenzie held her breath, grey eyes glued to the Quaffle.

  • Beaters do have the toughest jobNat Varth, Chaser , Fri Dec 30 10:53
    As Nat heard a crack and the familiar whir of a bludger getting too close to comfort the quaffle seemed heavier in her hands. She needed to pass, just as soon as she got a little farther. Another... more
    • I'd say we're all working pretty hard. — Makenzie Newell, Keeper, Mon Jan 2 17:55
      • I will agree with you on that.Joe Umland, Chaser, Tue Jan 3 15:55
        There had been a small Crotalus (Joe didnít know which was which) doing something that looked like trying to interfere with Natís ability to pass, but then there was the crack of a bat and the... more
        • I'm not doing much yet, honestly.Ginger Pierce, Wed Jan 4 12:49
          Ginger was glad the worst of the fallout over her Keeper get togethers had largely passed. She suspected Alistair still wasn't entirely pleased about it, but they had largely made up after the... more
          • Can I do nothing please?Jozua Sparks, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 14:03
            It had happened again. Fortunately, this time, Liac was perfectly healthy and Jozua would not be required to handle a bat in the Captain's place, but he was taking over for one of the chasers who... more
            • That suits me.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 18:27
              Quidditch provided a pedestal which made Daniel known in the school and he liked that about it. He liked the idea of people knowing his name and furthermore, these people (especially girls) admiring... more
              • Can I join him?Simon Mordue, Chaser, Sat Jan 7 10:46
                Time did not seem to run normally on the Quidditch Pitch. To Simon, it had seemed to go very fast as he fled the Bludger, but then it had slowed to a crawl as he gathered himself, swallowing... more
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