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Joe Umland, Chaser
I will agree with you on that.
Tue Jan 3, 2017 15:55

There had been a small Crotalus (Joe didn’t know which was which) doing something that looked like trying to interfere with Nat’s ability to pass, but then there was the crack of a bat and the Crotalus disappeared. Joe doubted he had been hit – there would have probably been more noise if that had happened – but he was out of the way. Smart of him; there were times when getting hurt was worth it, but the first five minutes of the game was never one of them.

Joe tried to remind himself not to count Crotalus out as casually as his brother had seemed inclined to at breakfast. He and Gabe and Nat hadn’t done a fantastic job their first game, but nor had they completely and utterly failed at everything they tried. There was also an alarming number of Bludgers in the vicinity – both of them, if Joe was not mistaken. He did not want to get hit, crash into one of his team’s own Beaters, or anything like that. However, the Crotalus Beater (maybe worried about the same thing) whacked one of them off toward the Seekers, and Joe was able to line up with Nat and give her an option for passing. Just because the Crotali had been driven off didn’t mean they were going to stay away, and he did not want to lose the ball in a pass to a first year. That was irrational of him – first years’ smaller size could be a benefit for that kind of thing, especially if the firstie in question was a pureblood who’d been plopped on a broom as soon as he could walk and so had some skills – but, well, there were presumably reasons he wasn’t in Aladren, even if he did often think himself far more logical than John….

Nat passed the Quaffle and Joe, to his relief, just barely felt the Quaffle smack into his hands through his gloves. That was another disadvantage to playing in cold weather – his hands weren’t nearly as mobile as usual, but if he’d left them uncovered, he would have probably quickly lost all feeling in them and been even worse off after the first few minutes. Getting a better grip on the ball, he dove down and then rose again quickly in the hopes of avoiding any more moves any of the Crotali might have in mind for the awkward moment right after a pass and flew on further into Crotalus territory.

He began considering how to pass. He didn’t want to make any downward passes because those seemed the kind the Crotali were most likely to be able to intercept. Finally, he feinted to the left, leaning away from one teammate and toward the other, before turning quickly and passing back toward the right-hand teammate. Hopefully, the newbies, at least, would be so busy looking for the ball that they wouldn’t see what had happened until the Quaffle was already secure, though Joe was already looking for them because of the chance they had seen through the maneuver. It was not the world’s most complex maneuver and he was determined not to completely underestimate them. It would be nine different kinds of humiliating to get trounced by a first year simply out of arrogance.

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    • I will agree with you on that. — Joe Umland, Chaser, Tue Jan 3 15:55
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