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Jake Manger, Seeker
Watching out!
Thu Jan 5, 2017 23:29

“Welp, this is it,” Jake told his reflection in his bathroom mirror. “Your last game Maybe. Probably.” He gave a noncommittal squint and shrug to the idea. “It doesn’t have to be. Now, you’ve never caught the Snitch in a game before - like, literally ever - but I’m sure Ginger and the rest of your team would really like it if you did because then you get to go play in the Finals. So that’s what you’re gonna do today. Yeah.” His mouth crooked sideways, unconvinced by his own words, which was a little bit frustrating. He popped his toothbrush in and swirled it around.

After finishing at the sink - dental hygiene, very important - he pulled on his Quidditch robes and headed down for breakfast. Nothing too fancy, and opting for a little less syrup than usual, not wanting to get his uniform all sticky and gross before the big game. That just simply wouldn’t do.

From the Cascade Hall, his next destination was the Quidditch Pitch itself. The cold shot through him immediately, so he turned his wand on himself and cast a warming charm. It didn’t completely save him from the cold, but it definitely helped. And of course, for a combinations of reasons that included being the oldest on the team, being nice, and being Head Boy, Jake was certain to check on all his younger teammates and make sure they all got their warming spells done and done right. No use getting sick and being miserable over a game.

The pregame stuff tended to blur together, so really, the next thing Jake knew, he was launching himself into the air. Last time, his strategy had basically been to hang out with the other team’s Seeker and go from there, but that hadn’t worked out, because Jamie had still got the Snitch anyway (and had also said some not nice things to him). So this time, Jake was playing lone wolf, heading in the opposite direction down the Pitch as Alistair Johnson.

But all alone in the skies, he had the chance to do a lot of thinking, and for a solid amount of time, he found himself not even really looking for a small golden object. He glanced over to the Teppenpaw rings a lot, to Ginger. Something about their conversation at the returning feast hadn’t sat well. He had learned that he probably couldn’t marry her based on what his family would want, and that was frustrating, but he had also learned that even if he had asked, she would have probably said no because her family was matriarchal and she had to stay a Pierce forever. Jake didn’t like that. He still felt like such a kid, way too young to think about getting married anytime soon, but he didn’t like that he and his girlfriend apparently had an expiration date. Ten years. That was the maximum they could foresee. The best case scenario.

A particularly cold wind nibbled at his fingertips, and the sting brought him back to reality. Mope and stress later. Play Quidditch now. Jake accelerated on his broom (another new one, this year’s latest model, sent by his father) in the direction his heart told him to go.

The fact that it was toward the Teppenpaw rings escaped his conscious notice.

As he turned to check his blind spot, he noticed a ball coming his direction, but it wasn’t the small, nice one that he wanted. It was the big, mean, angry, painful one that he didn’t like. “Agh!” he cried involuntarily, pulling up hard on his broom to avoid it. He managed not to get hit, but he did look around to find his Seekers. Who was supposed to be protecting him, again? Meh. Whatever. He just had to resume his Snitch hunt.

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