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Daniel Fintoc, Chaser
That suits me.
Fri Jan 6, 2017 18:27

Quidditch provided a pedestal which made Daniel known in the school and he liked that about it. He liked the idea of people knowing his name and furthermore, these people (especially girls) admiring him from the stands. Attention was always something he’d sought out and he’d never been one to shy away from the spotlight. The third year had never expected to become part of the Quidditch team when he started Sonora, seeing as he had been far more familiar with Quodpot at the time and had professed no special interest in either anyway, although he had participated in the latter quite regularly for fun.

Over the years, however, he had developed a devotion of sorts to the sport and even moreso to the team. He was proud to be part of the Crotalus Quidditch team, even if they had yet to secure a win to their name. Daniel had a tendency for taking things seriously and applied his diligent work ethic to Quidditch too. It had all worked in his favour and he was pleased with the way that he’d developed as a player. The social element was one of the benefits of being on the team too, even if he hadn’t always had the most sociable teammates, and he’d found a friend in Alistair Johnson. Contrary to the negative comments that Chuck would make regarding the Crotalus captain, Daniel had come to see Alistair as most commendable and had a lot to be thankful of him for.

When he looked outside on the morning of the Quidditch match, the view he saw did not help in squashing any nerves. He dressed warmly as instructed and joined Alistair for breakfast, putting on his bravest face because it wouldn’t help the first years if they caught their leading Chaser lacking confidence. He felt the pressure more than ever, it being his first match without Alistair’s lead, or even Isaac Douglas to rely on for that matter. The team’s latest additions would be looking to him for guidance out there on the pitch so he needed to step up to the plate and handle the new responsibility. He felt proud of himself for having gained such authority and responsibility and knew that it was his chance to show that all the hard work, on both his part and the captain’s, had not been for nothing.

Once on the pitch and ready, Alistair gave him little guidance but instead focused on Winston and Simon. He’d already given Daniel a tonne of last minute instruction over breakfast that had left the third year feeling far more prepared than he had when he’d woken up and it had helped to quell his nerves. The confidence in him that Alistair seemed to have was still reassuring, however, and Daniel knew that he should embrace the new challenge.

At the sound of the whistle, the Crotalus kicked off from the ground and rose up, speeding to reach the Quaffle first. This had always been Alistair’s job but the captain had worked on reaction time and speed with his players so that they should all be in with a chance in such a situation. Nevertheless, Dan wasn’t altogether surprised when one of the Teppenpaw Chasers got there first, although when he realised it was Natalie Varth he couldn’t help feeling miffed that it had to be the one girl who beat him to it. He knew better than to let one unfavourable occurence get to him though. Although giving a good starting advantage, getting one’s hands on the Quaffle first was not the be all and end all. The match could very quickly turn around if Dan got his act together.

Thus the third year tore off up the pitch after his classmate, watching the movements of the two other Teppenpaw Chasers in the hope that he could predict Natalie’s pass. He tried to watch out for the his fellow Crotali Chasers at the same time. It was their first game and it was his responsibility to make sure they didn’t run into any problems. Alistair seemed surprisingly protective of those two, but Daniel knew better than to think it was sentimentality and the captain obviously had a vested interest.

Both red-robed boys seemed distracted by bludgers already which wasn’t a good start, but there was nothing Daniel could do about that now. Until the first years sorted themselves out, the game was resting on his shoulders alone. What kind of Teppenpaws picked on the little kids anyway? Dan knew a thing or two about Alistair’s opinion of the house but he couldn’t bring himself to agree. If one read enough books, they would know what it took to be a Teppenpaw and books didn’t lie.

The Teppenpaws made a neat pass, having seized an open opportunity that Daniel had no way of intercepting. He continued forward, closer to Joseph Umland so that he was essentially tailing him. He was aware of the ground that the enemy were covering and felt a great need to intercept this next pass. The yellow-robed boy outsmarted him, feinting left so that Dan darted forward in that direction to intercept the presumed pass to Natalie whilst instead the Quaffle was actually soaring the other way.

Teppenpaw’s reserve player was on the pitch today, Daniel had noted keenly as it probably gave the Crotalus Chasers a better chance. Not only was Jozua Sparks younger than Gabriel Valenti, the player who was usually in the position, but he presumably didn’t have the close relationship with the other two Teppenpaw Chasers which seemed to work out so well for them in games.

When the youngest Teppenpaw player passed, Daniel seized the window of opportunity. He’d been so close to the scoring area but fortunately Jozua had relieved himself of the Quaffle and Daniel quickly swooped in and snatched it up. It hadn’t been the most accurately aimed pass but that had actually worked in Dan’s favour.

The third year hardly had time to nod at Makenzie before he turned sharply and sped back up the pitch, trying to cover as much distance before he felt pressured to open the doors to his young teammates and give either one their first touch of the Quaffle. With the Teppenpaws no doubt hot on his heels, Daniel opted for a forward pass to a red-robed player, hoping that they were ready for it and not worrying about coming under fire from any more bludgers.

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