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Simon Mordue, Chaser
Can I join him?
Sat Jan 7, 2017 10:46

Time did not seem to run normally on the Quidditch Pitch. To Simon, it had seemed to go very fast as he fled the Bludger, but then it had slowed to a crawl as he gathered himself, swallowing repeatedly and wondering if his heart really was pounding hard enough to damage itself. It seemed to him that hours passed, but the positions of the other players on the field made him think it had only really been a few seconds since he was chased away from the Teppenpaw Chaser he had tried to block.

Those few seconds, though, had allowed another Teppenpaw Chaser to catch the Quaffle and the game was still moving toward Makenzie. Simon looked around for his fellow Crotalus Chasers. He found them, but just as he thought Daniel might succeed in finally getting the ball for Crotalus, the Teppenpaw Chaser in question tricked him and passed it to yet another, or so Simon assumed since things kept. Moving. That. Way….

Captain Johnson had promised he would not kill them. Simon focused on that fact as he flew after the ball again, trying to focus on it instead of on looking for and listening for the Bludgers so he could be somewhere that said Bludgers and their users happened to be. He thought they were perfect illustrations of the fact that keeping the wrong company could lead to horrible consequences. Breaking half of his bones wouldn’t, he supposed, be as bad as being rejected by his family or society at large, but it still wasn’t something he wanted to have happen to him.

To his relief, the Teppenpaw Chaser with the Quaffle passed again instead of trying to score and Daniel intercepted it. Daniel was, Simon thought giddily, going to be a House hero later, snatching the Quaffle from the very shadow of the hoops. Simon turned around and followed his team leader, so pleased that he didn’t immediately notice how he was flying until he passed Daniel and realized he was going too fast. He slowed down, and Daniel seemed to take this as a sign to pass the ball forward to Simon. Simon’s mind was in a bit of a panic, but his hands, to his amazement, did what they were supposed to do and actually caught the ball.

He had caught the ball before, of course. He was not going to win any World Cups any time soon, but he had practiced often enough and diligently enough that he had caught passes before. It was different in a real game, though, with all the extra people around and crowds cheering or booing – his heart hit his throat again, as it had when he thought he was going to be hit by a Bludger, and it was only, again, because of training that he didn’t stop and just stare at it in his hands. He kept going forward, remembered the Bludgers, sped up, and started looking for somewhere to pass. They needed to cover ground and everyone knew that, so if he passed quickly, the Teppenpaws might not be expecting it and might therefore let the pass complete….

When he could quite literally feel the blood pounding in his head did not seem like a good time to make decisions, but his logic seemed sound enough to him, so he looked for a colleague and mimicked Daniel’s forward pass, hoping too that the Teppenpaws wouldn’t expect the same move twice and that none of them, anticipating that he would pass later, were on their way to the air ahead of him at that exact moment.

  • That suits me.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Jan 6 18:27
    Quidditch provided a pedestal which made Daniel known in the school and he liked that about it. He liked the idea of people knowing his name and furthermore, these people (especially girls) admiring... more
    • Can I join him? — Simon Mordue, Chaser, Sat Jan 7 10:46
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