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Tobi Reinhardt, Beater
Got your back!
Sun Jan 8, 2017 14:48

The moment he had miscalculated the time it would take to swing and hit that bludger, Tobi had known it would come back to haunt him. Luckily Jake was aware enough to pull up from where the young Crotalus Beater had aimed the bludger. Tobi chastised himself for having been too ambitious--ambitiousness was not a Teppenpaw trait for a reason, but less because Crotalus had gotten a leg up and more because he had put one of his teammates in danger. He let his arm rest a moment before catching Jake's eye, hoisting his bat again and flying after the bludger.

He wasn't going to give Crotalus another opportunity to maim his teammates.

It was probably an odd choice, playing Beater when Tobi was such a gentle soul, but it made sense. Firstly, Beater was the position Liac had chosen for himself and so naturally Tobi felt it right to play Beater as well. Secondly, and perhaps most important, Tobi didn't view Beating as an offensive tactic. Sure he had made the first move today (and had done so on several other occasions as well) but he was protecting his teammates from malicious metal balls. Beating was defensive and perhaps that was why Tobi was finding that he enjoyed it. He liked helping people, he liked protecting people. The moment Liac left the team, Tobi would too, but it was the defensive aspect to his role in the sport that made it enjoyable in the meanwhile.

The bludger was fast, and now that it had missed Jake once it seemed to have latched on to maiming the next closest player which, since Tobi was planning on intercepting it's next hit, turned out to be Tobi himself and he hit at the ball with all his strength, tipping a bit off balance as he did so since the bludger had slammed into his bat with full force. The years of training had helped to keep him on his broom but the mishap from earlier had left him a little weaker than he usually was and even though the bludger went off in the direction he'd wanted he was upset with himself for not having been more precise with his aiming.

What was wrong with him today? He couldn't quite place his finger on it but there was something off with the way he was playing. He'd have to talk about it with Liac later, check in with Arne. Something was weird in the air, and Tobi didn't know how he felt about it. Maybe it was bad karma or something from targeting younger players. It's what I'm supposed to do, he told the universe silently as he began to circle his teammates once more, looking out for the next bludger aimed at them.

OOC: Bludger clarification, after Jake dodged the bludger, Tobi went to go hit it which went kind of wobbly off towards a Crotalus player.

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