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Dill?? Watch out me!
Fri Jan 20, 2017 16:08

Winston was not doing so hot (pun not intended) during this cold January game. The warming charms were doing their job but he wasn't. He'd been charged with playing offense, but Crotalus honestly seen a lot of offense going on and what they had done was almost all Daniel.

Winston's claims to fame this game were Not Getting Taken Out By a Bludger and Getting In The Way - fortunately the later was mostly in regards to the Teppenpaw players, making it harder for them to complete passes and perform exciting combos, but occasionally he had messed up his own people by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once and only once he had done everything just right and managed an assist in helping Daniel score a goal, but mostly he had just felt useless.

At this precise moment of the game, Daniel and Simon were trying to wrest control back from Teppenpaw again while Winston sat by, waiting to be needed for another offensive push. He watched Daniel try to set up for an intercept, trying to figure out how the older boy did it.

For some reason, chance or luck or latent divination talent, Winston looked up in time to see Alistair Johnson charging down at him.

"Eep!" Winston squeaked, his mind immediately throwing up the pointless protest that he promised not to kill me! Obviously that was no longer the case. Winston was sitting here observing techniques instead of actually helping and clearly this was the wrong thing to be doing!

He flew instinctively to the side to defend himself from the assault and, to his surprise, Alistair kept going right past him, the wind of his rushing passage adding further chill to the already cold air. Winston grabbed his broom with both hands to steady himself from the turbulence and harsh slap of trailing robe tails against his side.

A moment later, clarity blossomed as Captain Alistair Johnson of Crotalus held the snitch aloft.

Right. Of course. Of course it was the snitch. Captain Johnson needed Winston on the team for numbers if not for his skill. And even if he did decide to murder Winston, he wouldn't do it out here in front of the whole school. Alistair was smarter than that.

Then the greater realization dawned and Winston laughed and whooped and pumped his fists in the air in victory, because this game was over and Crotalus had won!

Crotalus was going to the finals!

Alistair came up beside him and clapped him on the back and Winston's flying skill was good enough that it didn't unbalance him (he was kind of proud of that) and he swung his own hand around in a gesture somewhere between a high five and a handshake and crowed, "You did it! Whoo! We won!"

  • Watch out Dill, I'm coming for you.Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker, Fri Jan 13 12:34
    Alistair needed to catch the snitch today, for his team and for himself. He was so focused, but as captain and former Chaser he didnít ignore the game below him either. It seemed that the Teppenpaws... more
    • Dill?? Watch out me! — Winston , Fri Jan 20 16:08
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