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Jamie Park
Ill will (specatators' thread)
Fri Jan 27, 2017 06:12

Jamie hadn’t been sure he’d go to the Quidditch final, seeing as he wasn’t in it, but here he was anyway. He liked to think that he and Clark were going to go down as one of the greatest Seeking rivalries in Sonora history, and in his own head, his shock defeat of Clark, allowing Pecari to wrestle the trophy from Aladren’s iron grip, was enough of a balance to Clark’s long winning streak to warrant equal fame and attention. After all, the only thing more intimidating than an undefeated Seeker was the guy who beat him, right?

The theory was marred a little by the fact that he was currently seated in the stands, whilst Clark was on his broom, soaring high above them. For that reason, along with just a general principle of rooting against the nerd squad which was Aladren in general but epitomised by Clark and John, he was supporting Crotalus. Not in any obvious badge wearing, banner waving way, just quietly in his own head, or with the occasional cheer if they scored or blocked a goal. It was made all the easier by the fact that Shino had dropped out (intimidated by his prowess, he had decided). Even he couldn’t be the one to do it, he’d prefer to see Clark go out on a bum note.

    • It depends- what are your intentions, you scum?Laila Kennedy, Spirit Club, Wed Feb 1 15:01
      Laila greeted Gia that morning with a wide smile, her bouncy brown hair in a high ponytail tied up with a Crotalus red ribbon, her face paints sitting on top of her bag which she had dropped on the... more
      • Real good friend you areJamie, Sun Feb 5 06:21
        Spirit club… It had held so much promise when he’d first heard about it. The prospect of girls in short skirts jumping enthusiastically up and down. Unfortunately, the reality was a bit of a let... more
        • UghLaila, Mon Feb 13 19:42
          This. This was exactly why Laila worried that Sammy didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Jamie Park was everything Laila disliked about boys and Laila didn’t dislike many things about boys. ... more
    • *~*~*~*SPIRIT CLUB POST*~*~*~*Gia Donovan, Tue Jan 31 18:17
      It was the final game of the season and Gia was rather surprised to see Crotalus in the game versus Aladren. It had been quite the upset for her house to lose to them, so she wondered how many... more
      • I've got my Pom Poms ready!Farrah Welsh, Wed Feb 1 18:09
        Farrah was really enjoying being a part of the Spirit Club. She enjoyed all the clubs that she was in, of course, some more than others (*cough*Science Club*cough*), but considering all the... more
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