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Gia Donovan
*~*~*~*SPIRIT CLUB POST*~*~*~*
Tue Jan 31, 2017 18:17

It was the final game of the season and Gia was rather surprised to see Crotalus in the game versus Aladren. It had been quite the upset for her house to lose to them, so she wondered how many Pecaris would be rooting for Aladren just to spite the Crotalus. Or, would the rivalry between the two houses be too deep for that? She wouldnít really be surprised. Giaís brother was an Aladren, so she felt no hate towards them or any house for that matter.

Of the two Captains, however, Gia liked Clark better. She didnít know Alistair, but he always seemed less accepting than the Aladren and she knew Clark from Book club so he was less of a mystery to her personality-wise. She felt that people misunderstood Aladrens the majority of the time and really it was the Crotalus that had the attitude. Thatís what she gathered from spending time in class with them anyway. There were obvious exceptions, like Laila and she was beginning to think that Caelia had more to her as well based on her brotherís interaction with her. Gia kept her opinions to herself though and still remained politely indifferent to them whenever she was around them.

Since Lailaís house was in the Championship, Gia opted for the color blue but would change it to red if Laila decided that she did not want to support her own house. She wished that the weather would have cooperated at least once so that she didnít have to wear the extra clothing underneath the uniforms or place warming charms on herself, but she was not that lucky. Todayís weather was terrible and wind was biting. It would be a long game of having to deal with that. Hopefully the snitch would be caught quickly and she could hurry inside before catching anything or anyone else on the Squad from catching anything.

Tapping her uniform and using the spell, she watched the white turn blue and felt satisfied. Another tab and a spell and she felt the heating charms begin to warm her. She turned to the younger members of the group. By now, the majority probably already knew how to cast both the color charm and the heating charm, but she didnít want to make any assumptions and someone was then left out and possibly not comfortable with asking for help. ďOnce everyone has decided on a color, please let me or Laila know if you need any help with changing your uniform. If you have forgotten your warm clothes to wear under the uniforms, please take the time now to run back to your common rooms to obtain them, otherwise, everyone who has not done the heating charm, please do so now as itís a bit nippy.Ē Gia advised them. ďAnyone who requires assistance, please come to me and Iíll be happy to help.Ē

Since it was Lailaís club, she felt her friend would make a better speech regarding this being their final game, so she only discussed the actual charms and nothing more. Besides, Gia didnít think she would do well with motivating anyone, but Laila seemed to have a knack for it. She was definitely the right sort of person to run the Spirit Club.

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